Pod on Pod

We love our theme song, written and performed by Adam Dale but we understand that it's not for everyone. Whether you love it or hate it, we'd love to hear your version. So here's the deal. If you redo our theme song, it will be played to start an upcoming episode. To help make that magic happen, here are the lyrics and a link to the full song:


There's only 24 hours in a day
I've got a pair of your buds and I wish there was a way
That I could know just what I want to listen to
But there's 150,000 shows that I'm not sitting through
When the world seems dark and boring,
Let us do your exploring!
Pod on pod
Pod on pod 

Are you wanting something funny are you wanting something smart?
A show on astral projection or the history of art?
Do you want to learn a language or how to play guitar?
Just leave it up to Joel and Josh
Pod on pod
Pod on pod

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