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In this episode, Josh and Joel go down under with WikipediaBrown and MrSundayMovies, the hosts of the official podcast of

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Our musical guest this week is iiRecord featuring Sam Hoyt.

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Posted by Benessalah on
Wow. Thats some tragedy I must say.Why don't you just say your srecet man? In a coffee meeting. Dherai bhayo yo poem soem.
Posted by Makalah on
Wonderful exlotnaaipn of facts available here.
Posted by Priyanka on
I first heard of 16B when I picked up the Black Hole' twevle inch in my local dance music shop. Black Hole' was a stunning, vibrant piece of deep house music that veered between the darkest Tenaglia-esque' tribal sound and a cuban style Cricco Castilli' production. I found that Black Hole' was not necessarily a club' record but a composition best appreciated in the comfort of your living room after a night out on the town, subsequently I purchased Sounds from another room' on CD.Dance music has seemingly been fractured by the constant categorization by the media whose failure to describe new sounds and artists originally causes them to pigeon hole music into set genres like Salsa-House', Tek-House', Jazz-Step' and the more recently hyped Speed Garage'. In my opinion, SFAR' is best described as an eminently produced, emotional, House' music album.The composition is based around the usual 4/4, 120bpm house formulae but it is as multifacted as any production that you're likley to hear from the likes of Deep Dish, Danny Tenaglia, Peace Division and David Holmes. Though SFAR' is packed with powerful synth leads and warm instrumentation, the album has an affecting deepness similar to that of Vengelis's Bladerunner' soundtrack or DJ Shadow's Endtroducing' album.With the prominence of super-club culture, Julesy, Tongy & Healy, albums like SFAR' will remain on the fringes of dance music, rated but understated, acclaimed, however undersold. This album is not groundbreaking in its conception or construction; however, it is a breath of fresh air within a stagnated and polluted scene.I would highly recommend this album to anyone who likes their house music, chilled, deep, sexy and thoughtfull. [url=]hoswvmxel[/url] [link=]icffzqwyihi[/link]
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