Josh once killed a manatee with his bear hands. Correction... SAVED, saved a manatee with his bear hands.

Yes, he has the hands of a bear. The Pooh variety, which means they're only good for getting honey out of pots. So there is no way, I repeat no way he could have saved a manatee with those bear hands of his.

His wife, Rachel, adores him, but she's fed up with the bee stings, and more than a little tired of getting clawed when she and Josh hold hands.



Joel has more babies than he knows what to do with, but only two more babies than he has podcasts. Joel's a fan of the NBA and a bleeding heart liberal, with a day job in the radio industry, and his head (and nude selfies) in the clouds. 

When he's not changing diapers or catching up on "Dallas" and "House of Cards" with his wife, Kelly, he's in the studio recording or editing (unless he's busy preordering something from Apple).