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This week, it’s all about us, except not really. It’s all about the Self Indulgent Podcast, but Josh and Joel still find some time to talk about themselves and podcast advertising too.

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Posted by Bill Zimmerman on
Joel & Josh:

Love Pod on Pod, you have added many shows to my cue including No Such Thing as a Fish. Two things, first I have a recommendation for a podcast app for Josh, try PocketCast. There is a little investment (3.99) for the app but there is a cool feature where you can link to your desktop as well (It's a one time fee of 9.00) but I like it and it keeps my pod-casts synced at work and on the go. Second I have some suggestions for pod-casts to review:

The Christopher Titus Podacst
The Giz Wiz
How Did this Get Made

Thank you for your time and sharing your talents with us.
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