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In this episode, Josh and Joel are interested in whoever Pauly Shore is interviewing.

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Our musical guest this week is Ugo Capeto:
The Path Of Least Resistance by Ugo Capeto

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Posted by Keri on
I heard about 'Interested' on another pod, 'Get Up On This'. I'm in my 30s and was a fan of Pauly's, I also am a fan of stand up since I was a kid. I'm his audience.. and he almost lost me on the very first one. I gave him a chance and ended up listening to most of them. Some of the music and his 'Paulyism' are annoying but the biggest negative is the interrupting of guests, constantly! Also, you guys didn't mention, he badgers them about money. How much did that cost? What's your mortgage? What do you make? etc. It got old. The positives are his guests and the fact that his interview style is evolving. My fave moment was definitely Dice calling Pauly out! I said 'Thank you!' out loud when he did it. lol
If you're a fan of comedy, give this one a shot. The Dangerfield & Sammy Shore episodes were good.
Personally, I'll be checking in with it and listen depending on who his guests are.
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