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In this episode, Rob has a Podcast and Joel has a few bones to pick.

Meanwhile, Josh stands alone and our musical guest is Brave City:

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Posted by Carol on
Rob Cesternino is the most likable and enjoyable podcaster out there. I LOVE his podcasts. They are way above all others. You guys are drab to listen to.
Posted by Jeff on
This wasn't biased at all...not. Going to need some coffee after hearing this boring monotony. Rob is above both of you. "The sound quality wasn't great with phone interviews" wow no kidding. You guys are a joke.
Posted by Jess on
I hate podcasts. Therefore, the fact that you guys do a podcast about podcasts does not appeal to me, so I believe your program has no value and I could not recommend it to anybody. Reviewing: am I doing it right?
Posted by Ryan on
You're bashing it to death only because you hate the subject matter and didn't bother to watch the episodes of Survivor correlating to the podcasts? Next time you do a review do some research. Why are you reviewing podcasts about subject matter you are unfamiliar with in the first place?
I give you...throwing my earbuds in the trash.
Posted by Curt on
You do say a lot of positive things about the podcast, and how if someone watches any of the shows being covered, then this is TOTALLY something you should listen to. So the end score is interesting. A couple corrections...Rob was not a winner on either of his seasons (last time he played was in 2003) and began podcasting for the same reason he wanted to be on Survivor: he really enjoys the genre. It wasn't until recently that he started podcasting full-time when it was able to be his full-time gig. It started with Rob Has a Podcast, whose main fixtures are Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother, and then spun into Post-Show Recaps (for scripted shows) and Reality TV RHAP-Ups (for reality shows Rob is not watching).

Also of note: Rob Has a Podcast has won three People’s Choice Podcast Awards: Best Entertainment Podcast (2012), Best Video Podcast (2013) and Best Produced Podcast (2013). And in 2013, the podcast had over 2 million episode downloads and over 23 million minutes watched on YouTube. Live studio audience shows have been taped in both NYC and LA, with the most recent one selling out shortly after tickets went on sale. And the community just celebrated the recording of the 1000th episode.

So, we get that Reality TV isn't your thing. I'd probably have a similar review of a podcast about knitting, dentistry or cats. But I'd hope to be able to assess it and review it for what it offers, and not my personal interest and pre-conceptions about the topic at hand.
Posted by Shane on
Firstly Rob did not win Survivor he came 3rd and that was over 10 years ago. I think your review was very poor, Rob is an excellent host and is not doing this because he wants to become famous he is doing this for his fans and because he has a genuine love for TV and podcasting. Rob has built an amazing community of people who love him and his podcasts. Saying you don't like his podcasts simply because you don't like reality TV and because Rob was on reality TV doesn't make any sense. Consider the intended audience. Also I think you should watch the actual TV episodes before listening to the podcast, it is kinda the whole point.
Posted by Eric on
The next time you review a podcast, I suggest you have some understanding about what you are reviewing without making such bold, and insulting statements. Otherwise, you just come off sounding ignorant.
Posted by Amy Shapiro on
Hi guys,

While I appreciated you covering RHAP, I feel like you were pretty unfair to him. You acknowledge that you don't have a real interest in his content, and you didn't do basic research into finding out who Rob is. (He came in third!) I feel like if you're going to cover a podcast that you don't know a lot about, you should try to have a guest on who does know that world, even if they don't listen to the podcast you are covering
Posted by donna on
Hey guys, just listening to your Pod on Pod for the first time. Interesting concept, so truthfully only heard this one episode, but it seems very uneven in giving opinions about other pod casts when you have only heard the shows a couple of times. I assume this is what you do, so good luck.......but I'm writing as one of Rob Cesternino biggest fan. I started listening to RHAP about 3 years ago after I found it while watching Survivor. The Know It All's pod cast is exactly what you described. A chance to talk about the episode we all just watched, but get to talk about it with 5-600 people. The KIA's video arrives 15 minutes after show, and has open chat rooms where these sometimes over 600 people join it and hear Rob and Stephen Fishbach discussed the episode & take questions from chat room. For a Survivor fan, even a passive one, it's a great opportunity to have the "water cooler" minutes while the show is still fresh.

Rob Cesternino has been the same Rob since he started his pod cast, I believe over 4 years ago. It has grown from a part time hobby to an extensive well oiled machine of fresh pod casts almost daily. He re-caps so many reality and scripted shows, anyone can find their favorites. I listen to Seinfeld pod casts he has been doing weekly, SNL after each show, and during Survivor season, I listen almost every day to a new fresh different co host discuss so many other aspects of the game such as the "casting' guy, past Survivor winners, pod casters from other pod casts, etc. For true fans of the show, it brings to all of us, an intimate knowledge of what's going on w/ the players, the edit, other peoples favorites & why, and trying to figure out why the hell a player played like they did on the show. RHAP also has brilliant co-host w/ Rob, in Jessica Leise who joins him immediately after The Amazing Race to discuss the show. She brings an extensive knowledge of all the countries the show goes to, aspects of behind the scenes production activities while possessing the same wit and intelligence as Rob.

Rob's laugh! OMG. This is definitely one podcast, where you benefit knowing about Rob. He has a tremendous (and many times dry) sense of humor, pop culture knowledge where he throws in these obscure references where maybe only 10% percent of people get, infectious laugh, and will meet anyone toe to toe on wit. Very professional w/ guests, some he knows, others only met via microphone. Has many friends in reality t.v. world whom he interviews more than once after he finds his fans favorites. I love his laugh.....You are not use to listening to him, but if a guest can outwit him and cause Rob to giggle, it's even better. The inside jokes may confuse some, but fans love when he throws them out. #Muffin

I'm not here to persuade you to like him or listen anymore, just wanted to touch on a few topics you discussed, when I was at the point of throwing my ear buds out. I have only one pair! You just didn't "get' him, thousands of us do. I have other favorite pod casts; NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour Doug Loves Movies, WTF, Slate, Most Nerdists pod casts, How Was Your Week, Bob & Chez Show, Savage Love, Grantland, and a few more. But, if a new RHAP is up loaded to my RHAP app, it's the first one I listen to. I work at home, and have two large dogs I walk twice daily. Pod casts are always on during these times. During Survivor season, my lucky dogs get up to 3-4 walk to the park so I can listen to RHAP.

Again, to each he own taste, but I would be remiss if I didn't counter point a few statements you guys made, because I am just one of thousands of RHAP fans. Seriously, Rob Cesternino is my favorite host out of all the above pod casts I listen to. The guy is a genius on all things Reality T.V., Pop Culture & pod casting, and I think you just got some episodes hard to understand if you are not into the shows you listen to. Much success with your pod cast and best wishes.

P.S. Rob Cesternino never won Survivor. He came very close the first time he played, prompting Jeff Probst to acknowledge him as " "The Best Survivor Player" who never won. He's that good. Also excuse typo, grammar things, I have to get back to work!!!!!
Posted by Brendan on
As others have said, I suggest next time you are reviewing a show that you don't know much about and arent familiar with, doing a little research to give you context to what you are listening to. All of the exit interviws are phone interviews because they are set up by CBS with Rob and other interviewers, after their eviction episodes air. Rob doesn't choose to have them on the phone, CBS does. Second, if you are unfamiliar with the show he's reviewing, which is usually a specific episode or season, of course it's going to be foreign to you.
Perhaps you should have watched an episode of survivor or big brother, or amazing race, then listened to the corresponding podcast to that episode. That's kind of how it works...
Thirdly, do some research in to the host you're talking about so that you actually have some knowledge about who the person is, what they've done, and where they are now. You are way off base on this review of RHAP, and I hope you learn to be more prepared in the future.
Posted by Jess on
haha a podcast about podcasting. What a waste of time. Who would even listen to this unless it was specifically about a podcast they enjoyed. By listening to a one off podcast you have no time to get to know the personality and humour of the hosts and miss all the jokes hidden throughout the show. Rob does an amazing job and has some fiercely loyal fans as you can tell from the comments. Do your research next time!!
Posted by Dawns Bread on
Im ganna leave a review of the reviews.

You guys are horrible. Your laughs arent good. And you suck.

Posted by Laura on
Quick Fact Correction- the "professional athletes" aka Broadway stars are boyfriends, not brothers. Also, at least one is indeed an aerialist/acrobat, which you confirmed counts as a professional athlete.

It can be embarrassing to make statements before doing your research.
Posted by Ali on
Seems like you're in the business of mooching off of other people's hard work and success to attract good podcasts' listeners to your own poorly done show. If I was interested in hearing such pointless poorly researched ranting, I wouldn't be such a fan of robs so you definitely tried to poach the wrong audience. it's really sad when you see someone like rob who works so hard and took a chance and works with such integrity (avoids bashing people for the sake of gaining attention) get slammed by 2 people who don't know what they're talking about. Unfortunately the Internet that brings me RHAP day in and day out allows for this sort of unresearched excuse for "entertainment" to try to crush someone making quality content for so many fans.
Posted by Brendan on
An addendum to my earlier comment and I hope you guys don't take this the wrong way, certainly not trying to tell you how to run your show...but I notice that you guys do a new post every 2-3 days. Perhaps, if you did it once a week, you could use the week before you pod, to take in more of the show you are reviewing, and get a larger sample size to better critique what that week's show is. RHAP for example, has 1000 episodes, and spans 5 Years. That's a ton of content. It takes time to really get in to the meat of a show that's done so much. Good luck.
Posted by Sarah on
(Insert picture of Michael Jackson eating popcorn here)
Posted by Pat on
How about you factor in intended audience? RHAP is for reality TV fans, and reality TV fans LOVE this podcast. Just because YOU guys don't like reality TV (survivor specifically), doesn't mean the podcast is bad. Rhap has been nominated, and won SEVERAL podcast awards. How about you guys stick to what you know when reviewing podcasts. Enjoy your highest listened to show here thanks to the #RHAPBUMP
Posted by Jennie on
I think you may want to rethink the format of your show. How do you review a podcast about a topic you know nothing about or admittedly don't like? You can't unless you are able to put yourselves in the shoes of the people who watch these shows. You did say that it is a must listen if you watch these shows, but then give it 0 and 1 "headphones." How does that work? RHAP is my favorite podcast and Rob has thousands of fans. You should listen to more eposides and educate yourself on how to start a podcast and build a loyal community.
Posted by Marcelo on
Omg.... This was the worst podcast i have ever heard.
#RHAP is the best podcast ever and it has the most loyal fans. I dont think anyone would care if u guys stop doing your podcast, rob c's podcast in the other hand...
Posted by Marcelo on
Omg.... This was the worst podcast i have ever heard.
#RHAP is the best podcast ever and it has the most loyal fans. I dont think anyone would care if u guys stop doing your podcast, rob c's podcast in the other hand...
Posted by Humberto on
Hey Guys, you are more than entitled to have your opinions, but i wanted to inform you that by listening to Rob for over 4 years, i can tell he loves this type of Media, and as silly as the subject is, he does have something to said, and find this entertaining. He usually doesn't enjoy talking about himself at all, and is the farthest thing from a person that just wants Fame.

Good luck in your future.
Posted by matt on
Add me to the list of what everyone above has said. If you aren't going to actually do some research on the thing you are reviewing then your opinion is useless and a waste of everyone's time including your own.
Posted by Robb Zbacnik on
You guys are spot on. Rob's laugh is annoying and he does come across as a creepy guy. He is so creepy he even has a Miss Survivor contest each year.
Posted by aCM on
Just checking in to say Rob is as good as it gets as a person and host. Genuine, engaging, caring-- the opposite of everything that one of you co-hosts felt.

I think your podcast model is interesting, and your audio quality is top notch. You both sound very professional. As you seek to expand YOUR network and reach (be it for altruistic reasons or just to make money) you'd do well (as would all podcasters) to look at how Rob has built his podcast organically. He's on podcastone now, supported by hundreds of patrons making monthly donations, and building and growing more and more day by day. For real, a person to model in every way, and a credit to the medium in general. Sure, it sucks that he spends hundreds of hours talking about Big Brother, but there's a lot to be said for the comfort the routine of his coverage provides tens of thousands of people on a day to day basis. He works his tail off to provide that comfort, is totally humble, and is NOT just in it to expand his reach and influence. On some level, purveyors of entertainment are drug dealers--helping folks medicate through the boredom of life, commutes, shopping, household chores, etc..That medicine sustains, is harmless, and you never know the positive impact it has. It is NOT, though, just about making yourself more famous. That's something plenty of people who appeared on Reality TV have done, but it's NOT Rob.

Zero earbuds? Eat your LATech hat, sir.
Posted by Rebecca on
I'm not sure how one could adequately and objectively review a podcast that deals mostly in reality television (and Post Show Recaps would require its own review, in my opinion) if you admittedly do not watch the shows that are the subject of the RHAP podcasts? And then not even knowing some of the most basic facts about Rob Cesternino - such as his placement in his Survivor seasons - when this information could have been obtained in mere seconds by going to Wikipedia, or using Google? This is just lazy and uniformed podcasting, and I wish I hadn't wasted my time. I'd rather listen to Leif's RHAP interview on a loop for one full work day than to listen to the uninformed. No ear buds for you!
Posted by Dave on
if you are going to be a podcast that reviews other podcasts while listening to only 3 podcasts, you can't possibly do a fair review. How can one take you guys seriously if part of your review focuses on someone's laugh? Come on, really??? That's real professional of you.
Posted by Laura on
Posted by Lisa P. on
As a longtime fan of Rob Cesternino and RHAP, I was genuinely upset by this review.

I felt like this review was quite contradictory. I'm not sure who is who, but the person who said that this would be a great podcast for someone who is a fan of Survivor or any of the other covered shows, later went on to say that there is not one single person you would recommend this show too. ????? You JUST said it was a great show for viewers of the covered shows. And also went on to say that the content of the show is great!

You also judged his motives for doing the show, saying that he is doing it for the fame but then went on to say that you can tell from listening how much Rob cares about his podcast and the listeners, etc. The latter is true. He DEFINITELY cares about this podcast and growing it. And he ABSOLUTELY cares about the listeners. This podcast has such a tight-knot community of which Rob is VERY interactive with!

This was your first listen to RHAP and you made it clear that you have zero interest in ever listening again.

They say first impressions mean a lot. As someone who just listened to your podcast for the first time, I could not agree more.
Posted by Liz on
wow, sad to see the review of Rob's Podcast was so scathing and a shame for the one guy to be so biased against reality people. You obviously have filled in all gaps you don't know about Rob with bitter bias. Came off as a dick about Rob. He's a good guy whose not chasing fame but perusing what he loves. He puts in time, sorry his laugh creeps you out. Jeez, what a bummer this review was to be honest.
Posted by Josh on
Hello listeners!

It's Josh from Pod on Pod here. Thought I'd take the time to leave a comment as well. First you guys are amazing and we truly appreciate all of the feedback we've been receiving, the good, the bad, and everything in between. I wanted to address some of your concerns because they are very valid and valuable. The purpose of Pod on pod is to expose podcast fans to new shows. It's important to us to go into some shows cold because that is how many listeners consume their audio entertainment. This allows us to share in that "new" experience and craft our reviews with that in mind. Remember Pod on Pod is for listeners and not Podcasters themselves.

Secondly it's near impossible for us to mooch off of other Podcasters because the truth is, like most people putting in the time to create the free content you enjoy, there isn't a lot of money in it. We, like many shows, actually pay to host our content. Lastly it doesn't make sense for us to bash a show for clicks or ratings because we would be ostracizing ourselves from that listener base.

Again kudos to you, the listeners, the fans, the ones who care. You should defend and promote what you love and I appreciate your passion for podcasts as a whole. Your friendly neighborhood host, Josh
Posted by Boston Rob on
Hey, smahten up
Posted by The Specialist on
I just want to say that BobDawg has always been there as a good friend, confidant and loyal member of Stealth R Us. He always answers my phone calls in a timely manner and has promoted my book, "The Specialst: The Costa Rican Job" in excess. I am proud to call him The Intelligentsia Attache'. Thank you for your time
Posted by CreepyFan on
Ugh. It is not nice to call anyone creepy. And Josh--while I appreciate you approaching your reviews like a new listener, I still think you are missing the point. Folks attracted to Rob Has A Podcast will be reality or scripted TV fans, so their appreciation of the quality discussion regarding the subject and the in jokes, etc. will greatly enhance their listening experience.

Bottom line is that I am an avid Podcast listenter with 20+ podcasts I listen to faithfully, and I have NEVER heard of Pod on Pod before Rob shared it with our group. And based on this review, I will not add it to my listening list. Good luck with your podcast.
Posted by Josh on

I agree with you. The hope would be, someone listens to our RHAP episode that is into reality shows but new to podcasts as a whole and discovers a new podcast to subscribe to. Like I said in the review I don't think anyone is doing a better job in this genre than Rob.
Posted by Ben Waterworth on
G'day mates,

LOVED this Podcast! I currently host the greatest Survivor podcast of all tiiiime Survivor Oz - please go download it now!!! Also shout out to my good friend Russell Hantz if you're reading this comment right now. I constantly have listeners tell me how comparing Rob's show to mine is like comparing ice cream cake to dingo feces and I don't see how that's possible!? I'm clearly a MUCH better player of Survivor than Rob (I've won 6 games on Tengaged, made it past the merge another 18 times) yet nobody seems to recognize that, what gives? I mean, I know I'm a fat tub of shit but why should that matter? Anyway great job, I will make sure to stop by again for next week's episode while getting off to the thought of eating pizza via my boomerang.

- Ben
Posted by Barack Obama on
You guys claim to be the Siskel and Ebert of podcasts yet you use no objectivity whatsoever? Next time you review a podcast I'd suggest you don't go into it "automatically hating it" as Joel did. How you can you effectively review something when you already have a preconceived notion about it, prior to listening to it?

Also Josh you claim you say several times that this is a "must-listen" for Survivor/Reality TV fans, yet in your rating you give it a 1? Just because something doesn't appeal to you guys, doesn't mean it deserves a 1 out of 10, especially if it's clearly a well produced show.

On behalf of the safety of the American people, and all of the foreigners living illegally within the United States (who for the record aren't the only ones who like this podcast), I demand that your show be ended immediately. I'm embarrassed that there are people within my country that are as dimwitted as you two. You'll be hearing from the FCC on my behalf shortly (it'll be a letter that arrives in 7-10 days, UPS has a huge back log thanks to Black Friday). Barack out.
Posted by The Tabulator on
I feel I should point out to the commenters that the rating scale isn't 1 to 10 earbuds. It's 0 to 2.
Posted by Matty G on
I can't believe I just read all of those comments. I agree with what everyone else said. Rob has created something so enjoyable for many people to listen to and his podcasts are the highlight of my day. If you don't like Rob, then I don't trust your opinions on podcasts.
Posted by Liz on
now I feel bad for giving a negative response. Not because I changed my mind but because I don't want to pile on. I love RHAP/post Show Recaos so much I just went into protectin mode. Lol!! I'm sure you guys were just doing your thing. I still think your wrong about Rob, his motivations or his being creepy.
Posted by Shilpa Arora on
The idea to review other podcasts is fantastic! However, this was such an upsetting show to listen to. I think discussing certain aspects of the show, including sound quality, is fair. However, making personal attacks, and calling someone "creepy" is rude and unprofessional. You were uninformed about the show, so your review is not credible. You state that Rob won Survivor, and should have spent his money on other things. You clearly didn't even take the time to do a simple Google search on the host of the podcast. I suggest conducting some research before you record your next review.

I understand that you can only listen to a small number of shows, and that you don't have the same knowledge of the podcast as the fans who have been listening to RHAP over the past 5 years. However, wouldn't it be wise to listen to episodes that are representative of the podcast? This podcast reviews reality competition programs, and one of your hosts decided to base his opinion on a a bonus "Saved by the Bell" podcast that Rob did for fun. How would that give you a good understanding of what this show is about?

At one point, you poke fun at Rob for calling a Broadway performer an "athlete". You said that you would only agree if that person was a Cirque du Soleil performer. You completely missed the fact that Rob called this person an athlete since he was an aerialist who performed in Spiderman on Broadway, and who possesses the same skills as a Cirque du Soleil performer. This form of athleticism can be helpful in some Survivor challenges, which is why it was being discussed on the show. You claim to have listened to this podcast, but it seems as if you weren't even paying attention.

Overall, I was very disappointed with Pod on Pod, and will not continue listening.
Posted by Ellis on
I came here because I love RHAP. The fact that you guys don't watch Survivor, Amazing Race, or Big Brother you wouldn't enjoy it. I'm glad that you point out that you despise the genre and suggest it for anybody who does, cause I feel that is exactly what RHAP is, a podcast for rabid fans who want to talk endlessly about strategy and what ifs and just embrace everything. I wouldn't be here if you didn't review RHAP because I'm not overly into podcasts. That being said I probably won't listen to much reviews from you unless I start getting into a more varied podcast world. I don't understand the Rob wants to eat you laughter... but otherwise the review was honest to your opinion. I do like the suggestion of maybe having a guest in situations where the Podcast is so Topical and niche so you can get a more diverse perspective, but being open about your bias when there is some is admirable. As everybody else pointed out, Rob finished 3rd, and he does it cause he deeply enjoys the anybody who should and does listen to him. I can see why somebody would not like it as it talks about each episode at a time and you would need to have seen that and probably most of the previous content for the season.

I'll give this a 1 earbud for the simple fact, if I cared about podcasts outside of RHAP i would listen to a few more episodes...but I don't. You don't deserve some of the negative feedback, but as you said, Rob cares about his fans and we care about Rob, I just hope you don't turn away viewers who just look at the 1 out of 4 earbuds and think this isn't the Reality Show for them just cause you don't like reality.
Posted by Nan on
This review was a bummer. Very little research and knowledge about Rob or the podcast. A whole lot of admitted bias from someone who makes a whole lot of assumptions based on this bias. This was not a good podcast for you to review. Even if it was negative, but more objective, I would listen to this in the future. Definitely underestimated the intelligence of people who enjoy (or new listeners who would enjoy) this podcast.
Posted by Gerson Pagan on
Are you guys supposed to be reviewers of something you don't understand like Survivor and its best podcast? Thank God for the beauty of the skip button. My review of your podcast is: 0 ear buds, 0 speakers and 0 anything that makes a sound.
Posted by Robb zbacnik on
Great podcast as always, rob has directed people to attack this podcast in one of his most recent one's. Just thought you should know. You should totally check this podcast out; the shane show Hard to describe it but it is excellent.
Posted by Meg on
I think that how Rob {and Tyson} chose to cover this "review" (in quotes because I don't think it's possible you can objectively review something when you go into it with preconceived notions and no research to find context) illustrates why he's one of the best in the biz, and you guys are out of your depth. I mean no harm - but I don't think you guys get it.

It's unfortunate because you've missed out on reviewing a podcast/podcast community that has had a stunning amount of organic growth thanks to Rob's business savvy, humor, and dedication. RHAP should really be looked to as a model for anyone hoping to do great work online.
Posted by Stefanie on
You're the ones who are striving for more money and popularity. Rob is a genuine, quick-witted, hard working person who is an amazing podcaster. He has said many times before that he will not make his listeners have to pay to listen to the shows and content. Does that really sound like someone who is in it just to make more money?! He is a student of the game his fans love called Survivor and has extended his awesome coverage into many other things. Maybe you should try to take into account the audience who listens to this content most likely is very interested in the shows RHAP popularly puts out throughout the week.
You're the creepy ones, ignorantly judging and making empty superficial attacks on a talented and hard working person. Try not to be so basic and lacking content yourselves. Your empty attacks reflect far more in yourselves than on anybody else.
Your work doesn't strike me as humorous or creative. Rob makes me laugh and brings his community joy daily.
Happy Holidays!
Posted by David on
Alright I listened through the whole podcast to give a fair opinion on the matter. The slightly quieter host (Sorry, didn't catch who was who) gave a fair judgement on Rob Has a Podcast. The other host, however, (I believe was Joel) was EXTREMELY biased and unfair to the show. You can't knock the show for being about a foreign subject without giving a chance to research the material he's covering. Also, you called him "fame hungry" but then back tracked at the end saying he actually genuinely cares about his material, showing that you're not being 100% honest. He even went on to trash the show Survivor for not actually giving out a million dollars because a large sum of that goes to taxes. Are you serious? Another ridiculous thing about this show is the rating system. How can you compliment various things about the show and still give it a 0? Also, by taking a look at the comments I see that there is only ONE positive comment supporting your podcast, and he even lied saying Rob told his fans to attack this podcast, which he did not. This should be a sign that there is something seriously wrong with this podcast.

I'll be honest, I don't like the idea of these podcasts (a podcast on a podcast seems a little ridiculous to me) however the quieter host has a good talent for this. He called out the other one for being unfair, and obviously did more research on the subject (Even though you said Rob won, which he did not. And called the broadway boyfriends "brothers"). Get a different host to go with him and people who enjoy this subject would actually have a good podcast to listen to.
Posted by Mary on
I guess by the comments you have received concerning this episode you realize by now Rob Has A Planet. I don't think there is a better community of podcast listeners than those of RHAP. There is a large core group that has been listening to Rob for five year or more when him and his wife did podcast from their apartment ever other week or so. We have been with him when it went from a hobby to now where he is a full time pod-caster. He has built RHAP from the ground up and the listeners feel like we have been along for the ride seeing his long hours and hard work pay off. We are a proud and supportive community. We like to consider him a pod-casting mogul! Rob encourages us to only put positive vibes into the atmosphere of the internet. This is hard sometime when some thing and some one we care about is being judged unfairly. Fame hungry is the last thing I would ever say about Rob that was a huge generalization of what you think reality stars are about. I would not call Rob creepy maybe a dork but not at all creepy. His laugh is what makes us fans laugh if Rob laughs then I say "Ding!" and giggle to myself making those around me think I am creepy.

The approach I decided to take was to listen to three of your podcast of shows that I currently listen to or have in the past. The ones I love you disliked the one I disliked you gave a more positive rating so it seems like we are not in sink on what we find good listening. This is the reason I will not continue to listen to your podcast because we clearly don't agree. I wish you guys luck and hope you can sure up your format a bit because I think your concept is a great one and something I think I would like. I am always on the hunt for a good podcast. My advise to you would be to do a bit more research about the pod-caster and the podcast your reviewing (in the RHAP episode it was just down right embarrassing how wrong you were). If the show is about a TV show watch the show first before listening. Josh, I read your comments and still do not agree about the statement you said about "It's important to us to go into some shows cold because that is how many listeners consume their audio entertainment. This allows us to share in that "new" experience and craft our reviews with that in mind. Remember Pod on Pod is for listeners and not Pod-casters themselves.". Here is what I think you are forgetting about the listener and "going in cold" I would never listen to a photography podcast because I have 0 interest in photography. So the listener, who you say is your target audience, has a basic interest in the subject or actual pod-caster when "going in cold". You guys do not take this into consideration in your critique of shows I listened to. I may check back in a few months and listen again to see if you guys have gained a better perspective on what your goal for this podcast is. Thanks for your time.
Posted by Zach Pomeroy on
Rob...he's just cweepy guys, he's cweepy. He's cweepy. Oh wait, that's just Matthew

And I fully know you hosts won't understand that joke because Survivor is beneath you, and I won't tear into your attempt at a critic of a show, and will just say that it comes across as a incredibly childish to have a host take over the top and obviously obnoxious shots at another host. Especially when you know that you're attacking a podcast and a person with a lot of fans that are going to vocalize their opinion and give your site hits. And then you promote your own hypocritical and obnoxious comments that incited a reaction on your Facebook and Twitter to make yourselves more popular.

Wait, weren't you guys calling Rob out for only being in it for the popularity and money? Hmph...
Posted by Adolf Hitler on
I liked it.
Posted by Joe on
Possibly the most lazy "review" of anything I have ever heard. Seriously, it doesn't hurt to actually do some research before reviewing something and you guys did the absolute bare minimum. Research aside, your delivery is extremely bland and I feel disgust at myself for forcing myself to listen to your show.

Zero earbuds. I will never listen again.
Posted by Bailster on
I am one of those people that came upon Rob, and RHAP, cold. I was not an avid reality TV fan yet found myself intrigued with the wit, warmth and intelligence of Rob's podcasts. The content is quite accessible and his guests are of high calibre with the dialogue often extending beyond the reality show of topic. Through these podcasts I have learnt about strategy and critical analysis relative to the reality game shows covered and has resulted in my greater understanding and appreciation of the games themselves.
And, I enjoy Rob's laugh. It's pretty genuine.
Posted by Matt on
It's no wonder you imbeciles didn't enjoy RHAP, because I'd venture to guess you've never watched Survivor before. That's like reviewing a movie you haven't seen. This is quite possibly the laziest review I've ever seen, which makes your review biased, unprofessional, and totally inaccurate.

If you did more than two minutes of research, you would realize that Rob talks about Survivor because it's a game he has a passion for, not because he wants to be "more famous". Rob has been doing this for five years, and he does it because he still loves the game he played twelve years ago.

By now I think you've realized that Rob HAS a Planet, so how about you establish more than three listeners before you attack Rob personally by calling him "creepy". Rob is genuine, and has one of the best fanbases out there. I hope I never have to hear about "Pod for Pod" again.
Posted by You dun goofed on
oh shit you guys just pissed off the wrong fanbase
Posted by Paolo on
This review is god awful! Maybe when these pod and pod pieces of shit fatsos get off their asses they'll actually be able to do something decent enough with their shitty lives. How fkn ridiculous is making fun of someone's laugh? Hope these guys eat shitt
Posted by Jen on
While I was disappointed with the #zeroearbuds review of RHAP, I'm a fan of many different types of podcasts and am interested in listening to more of your reviews to give you guys a fair shake.

It's apparent that RHAP was not the best podcast for a non-reality tv fan to review. I wonder if you'd consider giving Rob another chance by trying out his scripted TV podcasts over on the sister site, Post Show Recaps? Rob, Josh Wigler, Antonio Mazzaro and others do a great job recapping shows like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, the Leftovers, etc. in an entertaining way. If you watch any of those shows, Post Show Recaps may be more in your wheelhouse than Rob Has a Podcast. Personally, I'd be curious what you think.

I'm not suggesting that everyone has to love Rob (or even like him) but one of the things I found surprising about your review is that you found him to be creepy and fame hungry. I legitimately think you got the wrong impression of him. The preconceived notions about reality tv stars may have had something to do with it. I wonder if your opinion would change if you listened to him talk about something you have more familiarity with/respect for.

I've been a fan of Rob's for years and find him to be a hilarious, enthusiastic, quick witted, genuinely warm, and downright positive person. Not at all creepy! I enjoy Rob's take on things so much that I can't even count the number of new shows and movies I've watched just to have more of his podcasts to listen to.

One of the issues I had with your review is that you are evaluating the merits of a podcast from the perspective of a listener going in cold. But to do so is to overlook the relationship that builds over time between a podcaster and his listeners.

With RHAP, the more you listen to Rob and get to know his sense of humour, the more you get out of his podcasts. It's not just about getting the inside jokes, it's about feeling like you're part of a community. The reason you're seeing so many people defending Rob is because many of us think of Rob as one of our friends--even though most of us have never met him. I genuinely think there is much to be learned from Rob's podcasting model, and I would love it if you would take the time to give him another try.
Posted by PJ on
I tried to listen to this "podcast", but couldn't make it through. Hosts were creepy and fake. Thought they were gonna eat me. Think I'll stick to RHAP.
Posted by B Jones on
Rob Cesternino's podcast is absolutely amazing. I have been listening to him since before Rob Has a Podcast when he was on podcasts from a decade ago. This pod on pod podcast is a joke and is an insult to the wonderul Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. Sorry friends you are no Siskel and Ebert or Rob Cesternino. Out of all the horrible podcasts in the world, why in the world would you choose one of the best (by far the best in the reality genre) and trash it. I liked Rob and Tyson's review of your review 1000 times better than your sorry excuse for journalism.
Posted by nadia on
no this is wrong RHAP rightfully deserves.all the support and devotion and praise in the world
Posted by jp on
this is bollocks and you know it
Posted by B Jones on
Someone above mentioned that Rob said fans should attack pod on pod. NOT UNTRUE. Rob was generous and comical about the farcical review from Pod on Pod. In fact, Rob would not say one bad thing about Pod on Pod when his guest was trying to get him to say something.
Rob Cesternino created a niche in a niche genre that people love. Pod on Pod is a joke. I wish I had been wearing cement earbuds when listening to the travesty that is Pod on Pod.
Posted by B Jones on
Correction: The above should read: SO UNTRUE
Rob would not say ONE bad thing about Pod on Pod when he mentioned Pod on Pod's rudimentary attempt at journalism. Rob is a class act. Pod on Pod is not.
Posted by M Sherman on
I guess by now you two must realize that Rob Cesternino has a HUGE fan base. And yes, you are experiencing the #RHAPBUMP because Rob did mention this review on a recent podcast. But Rob did not ask anyone to come back at your criticisms with those of our own. Because Rob C. is not that kind of guy. He is a very humble person who simply LOVES podcasting on a variety of shows. He has a very loyal following because of who he is. Creepy laugh???????? You remind me of the employee I recently fired because she ASSUMED she knew everything about everyone we served in my business based on a brief evaluation and personally biased judgements-------Fan Fiction. It is fair to say that you really have no idea who Rob C. is. It is fair to say that you were not willing to try to understand him. It is fair to say that this alone makes you just like that employee who did not even attempt to get to know or try to understand clients or their particular feelings/ideas/desires/motives/background or real life experiences..................and so, just as that employee, you are fired. Love ya bae!!!!
Posted by Sab on
Sucks that you guys are being bashed this much for a pretty fair review. Rob had his audience attack you guys and kept replaying 3 negative quotes during his recent show. Never mentioned anything positive. Anyways keep up the work. Nobody has to like everything. RHAP listeners should respect that.
Posted by Sab on
Sucks that you guys are being bashed this much for a pretty fair review. Rob had his audience attack you guys and kept replaying 3 negative quotes during his recent show. Never mentioned anything positive. Anyways keep up the work. Nobody has to like everything. RHAP listeners should respect that.
Posted by Shawna on
Omg please change that stupid song at the end. Why the heck would you watch a review on show and not watch the show and expect to understand it. I regretted watching this show 30 mins in and I'll have you know I watched a whole 4 hr episode of rhap last night. I dont think you can ever have the following that Rob has. Like you said he cares and he wouldn't have made the mistake of "he won and wants to to be famous". At least put some time into researching the podcast you're talking about. I don't understand why you wouldn't watch his podcast on the walking dead since you seem to be so into it.
Posted by snitch on
I don't listen to your podcast reguarly, and I have only posted a handful of comments on the internet in my lifetime. But I am going out of my way to let you know that I think your entire review concept is flawed based on this review. How could you oossibly be SO ignorant of your subject???

RHAP is the best. You have totally missed the mark. I can't imagine a more wrong-headed review. You have displayed zero validity as reviewers. Why would anyone take your opinion??? Good luck to you in the future... you'll need it.
Posted by Bounce and Toffee on
Wow the Pod on Pod guys must be so excited to have so many new listeners for this episode and to get so many comments! In fact, one of you is even tweeting about it.

Well, enjoy it while you can.

Get back to us when you have 1,000 episodes in the vault. Or when you can quit your day job like Rob did.....
Posted by Jessica Kiper on
I don't like Rob either! One thing you failed to mention is that his competitions are rigged!
Posted by J'Tia on
Guys I agree he is not a nice guy, but you should send him a care package like i did
Posted by Mary James on
You guys are wrong about everything. Rob is amazing and you mentioned that Broadway performers are not athletes. The difference here is that all Survivor viewers know that Reed Kelly starred as Spider-Man on Broadway in one of the most physical and athletic performances ever on Broadway. Pod on Pod gets negative 1 million "earbuds" from me.
Posted by Mary James on
Survivor contestant and Broadway Spider-man Reed Kelly was the guy Rob was talking about. Just google him and you will see Reed Kelly in every position imaginable. Definitely an athlete. The review on Pod on Pod was not fair because Robhasawebsite covers the reality genre better than any podcast out there. Fans of reality tv love it. You did not take this into account.
Posted by Mary James on
The two comments above from Jessica Kiper (aka Sugar) and J'Tia that are critical of Rob are inside jokes in the Robhasawebsite community and aren't really negative comments at all. Just a robhasawebsite fan making an inside joke. Rob is a nice guy and his contests aren't rigged. lol However, it was a funny joke. I just don't want these Pod on Pod weasels to think someone actually agrees with them..
Posted by Kevin on
In Rob Cesternino's latests 4 hour marathon podcast (which was very entertaining) he mentioned this review from Pod on Pod which is the only reason why I decided to listen to your podcast or even know it exists. As a long time fan of Rob Has a Podcast, I can't disagree more with Joel's assessment, but I appreciate Josh's level head for at least giving it one earbud even though he's not a fan of the shows being reviewed. I listened to parts of a few of your other shows and you mentioned that you think of yourselves as Siskel & Ebert, my two favorite film critics. I appreciate what you are attempting to do here by critiquing what's out there, but maybe a little research wouldn't hurt. It was frustrating for me to hear you guys say things like Rob Cesternino won Survivor or for Joel to peg Rob as a fake fame seeker with a creepy laugh based on listening to three random podcasts. (Although it was hilarious when Rob played these clips of Pod on Pod on his podcast). Rob has a very dry sense of humor and is very self-deprecating. He is "the Rob That Sucks" after all! You're way off here.

I get that you want to go into your podcasts cold, but not many people go into listening to Rob Has a Podcast cold! I naturally found my way to Rob Has a Podcast as a long time Survivor fan. Others may find him because of Big Brother or The Amazing Race, but as much as I love Rob Cesternino, I don't think I could recommend his podcast to anyone I know who doesn't watch any of the shows he podcasts about. Joel said he couldn't recommend Rob Has a Podcast to anyone he knows, which is why he gave it zero earbuds...well, based on that criteria I should give it zero earbuds too, but RHAP is my favorite podcast which I listen to every week. You're rating suggests that it's a bad podcast, but you both say if you're a fan of Survivor you have to listen to his podcast. Well, you've just recommended RHAP to all of your listeners who are Survivor fans, so maybe you should have given it a slightly better score.
Posted by Alex on
This is the worst researched nonsense I've ever heard. There is so little that is accurate about RHAP in this review. Good move guaranteeing that no one in the large RHAP community will ever take you seriously.
Posted by Smarty Poo on
Hey Joel, shut your mouth Homie G.
Posted by hotpinkmen'sbriefs on
As a former Federal Agent, I spent years of my life observing and evaluating potentially dangerous individuals on behalf of my government. I heretofore give each of you life-long membership into UNSTEALTHY R US and shall from this day forward call you, Joel: "Foot In Mouth" and you, Josh "Chicken Castrati".
Posted by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo on
If you're going to review podcasts you could at least put the minimal amount of effort into understand the podcast and get your facts straight.
Six podcasts were listened to for the review and yet not a single Survivor episode recap was used? The one guy chose, The Quest, Last Comic Standing, and Saved By The Bell review as the gauge of RHAP. One recap episode would have given a million times better view of RHAP over those choices, all one off shows/movies being covered.
Posted by B Jones on
Pod on Pod has gotten lots of talk in this post on
Maybe Pod on Pod would like to next tackle American Doctor Podcast. Since it sounds like very technical jargon, I guess you would give it zero earbuds - even though it helps doctors. you have to remember the audience the podcast is serving before giving random horrible reviews. Pod on Pod is full of......well, you know.
Posted by Jen on
I'm pretty bummed to see so many meanspirited comments coming from RHAP fans. Constructive criticism is one thing, but there's no need to pile on the hate. Stay classy, Rob Has a Planet.
Posted by Nicole Cesterino on
I gave him 0 earbuds too! Uhg I hate my husband so much I can't wait to divorce him, I'm only in it for the money.

Joel or Josh? Are either of you men susscessful enough to take Dom and I in? Oh of course not. You lonely pathetic nerds.
Posted by Mike Skupin on
Posted by B Jones on
Stay classy, Jen? We're on Pod on Pod website. There is no class on this website - not even any earbuds. Zero in fact.
Posted by Jbkw on
Hold the phone - you didn't even bother to google Rob before podcasting this nor during your actual podcast? Hahahaha! That is awesome! Such quality.

I listen to RHAP and found it via my love of Survivor. Key point you are missing there. Good luck with your show but for f--- sakes guys do the very least and google search at minimum! Geez!
Posted by Penner on
Rob's a storyteller, that's what he does..
Posted by Matt M on
Like most RHAP fans I listened to the most recent episode but I also decided for fairness sake to listen to the episode about another one of my favourite podcast's, ESPNs fantasy football podcast.

It just seemed to me like the guy that gave RHAP 0 based it a lot on the fact that if you don't watch Survivor or whatever show they are covering the show isn't for you, but didn't seem to use the same criteria for the fantasy focus, which he gave a 1.5, despite the fact a non football fan wouldn't enjoy it.

So is the take away meant to be if you like what a shows about you'll like the show? I don't get it.
Posted by Derek Dooley on
In response to your response: you insinuate that no harm was done bc you might actually guide people to rhap by reviewing it. Nonsense. If you merely introduced it or reviewed it fairly, this might be the case. But if anyone came to your podcast looking for a new show to download, your bashing of it (unfairly) would certainly ensure that they would not give it a chance. Outside of one sentence, you made no efforts to extoll any of the virtues of rhap. So take that argument elsewhere please.
Posted by Jen on
Your really should do your research before speaking as an authority on a subject. It was painful to listen to these hosts stumble around, tripping over themselves with their lack of knowledge about the topics they were speaking of. Painful to listen to. I won't go into details as they have been mentioned several times in the comments already, but seriously, get yer S together! Also, you guys sound like a couple of catty yuks. Well, the one guys is alright but the other one comes across and pretty whiny and self-righteous.
Posted by Homie G on
Hey Joel and Josh, we weren't talking to you, smartypoo!
Posted by Jim Downey on

Translation: What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
Posted by Jon on
I love RHAP! - you got it all wrong! 2 EARBUDS!!!!!!
Posted by Jon on
I love RHAP! - you got it all wrong! 2 EARBUDS!!!!!!
Posted by Spencer on
Why did you listen to three random podcast? You should have watched survivor and then watched a recap
Posted by Josh John on
This podcast was so odd. You seemed to see value in the RHAP podcast for Survivor fans, said the production values were generally good, and specifically said you couldn't imagine a better post-show podcast for Survivor fans. Then 1/4 earbuds total? Just because you're not interested in the subject matter? Doesn't make you a very credible source for podcast reviews.
Posted by You guys messed up. on
I'm sure you can tell by now that you pissed off the wrong fanbase, and its not because you had a different opinion than them. Its because you didn't bother to dig deeper in your analysis. You provided a superficial review of a quality podcast, without doing your homework first. Hopefully this will help you in the future, but for now, you guys really messed up.
Posted by Matt on
Other people have pointed out all sorts of factual issues or other problems that they have with this review. Personally, I feel like RHAP is just not the kind of show that is easy to get a feel for just with a few randomly chosen episodes. First of all, while RHAP is a fairly all-inclusive podcast for reality TV, the Survivor portions are the true heart and soul. They act as a companion to the show: you listen to the Know-It-Alls live 15 minutes after the show airs, then the exit interview with the player voted out the next morning, then Rob and a guest host (often another former Survivor player) answer listener questions. In-jokes and topics of conversation flow from one segment to another and from one week to the next. RHAP's topical nature and its connection with its listeners make it most valuable as a living community rather than a timeless product. If you want to listen to something in the same field that is more timeless, and where it's possible to pick up 1-3 podcasts and get a truly fulfilling experience, I would highly recommend the Survivor Historians podcast, which takes a look back at the oldest seasons of survivor and walks us through them highlighting the characters, the stories, the editing, and all sorts of background/insider info that really enriches the show to the point that I think could make anyone into a fan of classic Survivor. Their podcasts on Survivor: Amazon are also a great place to go in order to get a picture of Rob Cesternino's history with Survivor and his importance to the game - he's unquestionably a pillar of the Survivor community for his podcasting work, but the Historians would argue that his gameplay in the Amazon by itself makes him one of the most influential people ever to play the game.
Posted by Gary Busey on
I agree with you guys. Rob Has A Podcast gets zero mechanical dogs from me.
Posted by Zack on
My biggest problem with your review of RHAP is that you decided to listen to podcasts about shows you have never seen before. Rob has reviewed hundreds of different tv shows and movies. Why would you decide to listen to podcasts in which you have never seen the material being talked about? How could you possibly enjoy listening to something about a source material you have never heard?

Another more glaring problem might be that you guys are just not cut out to be critics. Critics have to be very open minded and cant come into anything with bias. You clearly came into RHAP expecting rob to be like every other reality tv star you've seen and you somehow were unable to change this misconception. I feel like as a critic you should be able to understand other people's perspective to understand why something would be enjoyable for other people. Seeing how badly you misjudged Rob's character I just don't think you are cut out for the critiquing business.

I look forward to hearing your reaction to these messages, but I fear you will take it as just a loyal fan base flaming you for hating on their podcast. When really you seriously misjudged the host of the podcast and what it is about.
Posted by LIz on
On the upside, I'll totally check out other podcasts you do!! lol!! I might have disliked what you said about Rob but it was so much fun I will listen again. That's the thing, we may not love what you said but I guarantee you many of us will listen again. :)
Posted by For Love, or Country? on
Please someone record a review of their review of Rob Has a Podcast.
Posted by Scott Maverick on
I get that you guys couldn't possibly have gotten all the facts right for all these different shows RHAP covers, but I really think it is just being sloppy to not know basic information on the show like if Rob C won Survivor and not knowing that the exit interviews had to be done by phone.
Posted by AT on
Honestly, this review didn't turn me off to RHAP. As a new listener, I would have checked it out. However, his fans absolutely turned me off. Its unfortunate that the only people they are alienating are potential listeners really.
Posted by misc. on
It's hard to imagine liking RHAP if you don't like/watch survivor.
Posted by Milo on
I've been a Fan of Rob's Podcasts for 3 Years now. I find Rob entertaining and very Funny. Unlike you he does his homework before his Podcasts, if he wanted to illustrate someone's laugh as annoying he would have an Audio Clip of it and play it during his Podcast. His Survivor Co-Host Stephen Fishbach is also a Survivor Alumni and placed Second on his Season. I urge you to watch Rob's 2 Seasons and Stephens 1. Rob also has as guests, Survivor Alumni, and gets their perspective of what's happening . Rob has the same format for Big Brother his weekly Co-Host for the Podcast after the Eviction is Season 14's Winner Ian Terry, Robs other Co-Host is Brian Lynch who is an Avid BB live Feeds watcher and he has BB Alumni as Guests. All of Robs Podcasts give Fans of the Series an enjoyable Place to discuss the Shows with other Fan's and updates us first Hand on their Alumni. Rob is very Informative and when he makes a mistake he owns it, Your Podcast would have been more interesting if you actually would have interviewed Rob instead of unjustly Critiquing him.
Posted by Blake Nichols on
Sorry to pile on Joel. Just listened to your review of RHAP and I have to agree that I was very turned off by your handling of it. You admitted a bias, you critiqued about him getting facts wrong while you were getting facts wrong, you listened to fringe episodes, and then you joked through giving him a "0". I don't mind fair criticism but this was strangely absurd and off putting. I will not listen to your other podcast review since you do not come across as an unbiased or fair reviewer.
Posted by Brian Clark on
This is what it felt like listening to your recent review of Rob Has a Podcast:

"Stephen Hawking is a terrible speaker, and his class is boring - It was like listening to a foreign language! Of course, we all know that I hate science and scientists as a general rule, and I never saw the appeal of theoretical physics - But I want to review his lecture from the perspective of someone who goes in "cold," so that's okay... His class has no value, and I can't think of anyone to whom I'd recommend listening to him speak - Well, not speak, really... His voice machine thingie sounds creepy. He should do something about that, because it makes my blood boil."

Also, he got his PHD like, what? 10 years ago? What is he still doing in a university anyway? Getting your Masters, or PHD, or whatever he got, doesn't that come with, like a million dollars or something? I think it does, or at least, like a half mil, something like that... Is he just that much of an attention whore that he needs to prolong his time in academia? Get a life, man! His lectures, and all who attend, really bug the shit out of me. Zero Bunsen Burners."

(One week later)

Whew! Got a lot of... um, feedback from the folks that think this Hawking guy is some sort of genius! Whoa, Stevie! Call off your dogs! I'm just kidding. Hawking was pretty gracious, and seemed to have fun in yesterday's lecture by mentioning my review... Hell, maybe even doubled our site traffic, all while not taking himself too seriously. Hell of a guy. Lots of people seem to like him.

Well, I compiled a list here of a few comments made by the listeners... I was going to read them and respond (perhaps even point out some of the factual errors in my reportage, or apologize for making personal attacks on the host), maybe discuss them in a humorous and/or self-deprecating manner... You know, in the manner that Stephen Hawking amiably handled the criticism.

Instead... NAAAAAH... I'm going to just say that it's my show, and my ego won't allow me to put anything negative about me or my show on my own damned podcast. It would only humanize me, ingratiate me to my audience, and create a more fervent and loyal fan base... and that's more of a Stephen Hawking thing.

As for inaccurate things that I said, look, I shouldn't have to do any research about science to be able to critique a science class. I regret nothing, I apologize for nothing, and tough noogies if anyone wanted me to be humble about it, or address criticism lobbed at me by anonymous jerks on the internet. You hear me? All a bunch of jerks!

I won't even apologize for the insinuation that Hawking is an egomaniac, even though I found him to be gracious, and was flattered to hear him talk about me for fifteen minutes. But, um... what an ego on that guy, am I right?"
Posted by Ken Raskoff on
When you begin a review by saying that you have no interest in the subject, you invalidate your opinion, rendering what follows utterly worthless. The appropriate, and legitimate critical response is to define the intention of what you are reviewing and then respond to the achievement of that intention; I believe the Greek term, Kritikos, "to judge," i.e, to be impartial and objective and consider the evidence; when you claim that you can't be objective you render your opinion worthless; glad to see Rob's listeners are weighing in here -- Rob has played the game, so he has an insider perspective and he has a very good roster of guests who are both insightful and entertaining. Next perhaps, those notions -- a podcast for fans of the game from someone who has played should lead rather than your contempt for the entire arena in which his podcast exists. You can certainly comment on his annoying laugh (or his dubious impressions), but it just makes you the nerdy kids at school who don't understand what's going on, so make fun of what seems like an easy target.
Posted by The Messa on
I know nothing about bird-watching nor do I know anyone interested in bird-watching. No worries, without even looking into the subject, I'm just gonna "go in cold" and review a podcast targeted solely to bird-watching enthusiasts. I concede that this podcast is "the best out there" for those who may be interested in bird-watching. Yet I conclude that since I couldn't care less about the issue, the podcast has absolutely no value. Perfect review I'd say. I'm gonna open up shop. What can I arbitrarily review next? PS rob NEVER said one negative thing about your pod cast and never told his fans to comment about it. Bet you wish you can have a do-over. I wonder if this incident changed your approach to future reviews.
Posted by YOUSA JOKE on
you guys are completely uneducated and your podcast is a complete joke
please for god sake and for people who actually take your crap seriously
actually do some homework before you make fools of yourself
Posted by Tony Vlachos on
You guys are rating a reality tv podcast and have no interest in reality tv. How would you llike it if someone said ur podcast was horrible becuase they dont like podcasts in general. You have no idea what your talking about. You didnt even collabarate on what podcasts to watch. And one of you jokers didnt even listen to a survivor podcast. For all of the people who listen to pod on pod, please stop listining to this unreliable 0 earbud podcast and listen to something better. you guys are llamas
Posted by Fred M on
So your first gripe is about host likability, and you refer to the fact that he messed up the title of a comedy sketch (by one number), yet 3 minutes earlier, and then again later, you couldn't identify whether Rob had won the game of Survivor or not (hint: you were wrong, he has not). Kind of funny to nitpick getting facts like these in the flow of conversation incorrect when you couldn't even be bothered to do some fundamental basic research before doing a review of a podcast. One of you didn't even listen to any episodes about Survivor, which is what the whole podcast revolves around. Brilliant. Then, you reveal your bias towards all reality contestants stating that they just want to be famous, and claim Rob comes off the same way. What a ludicrous projection of your own bias onto someone else. I'm no fanboy of RHAP, I have gripes with it, but I at least expected a fair review, and what I heard instead was amateur hour.
Posted by Thomasnep on
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