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Josh and Joel review podcasts so you don't have to listen to junk. Ross and Carrie have a podcast where they "review" fringe science, cults, cooky chain-letter ideas and more so you don't die or become ostracized by your friends. We've totally got the easier job.

This week we meet Ross and Carrie and review our first show from the Maximum Fun Network.

Musical guest this week is Ryan Mallany

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Posted by Keri on
Loved the topics of this show but your review had me worried I would hate it. I agree with some of the Carrie critisms. 'That's what she said jokes' and dick puns get very old very quickly. I don't think she's quite as cute and funny as she believes she is. But, it's not enough to brush me off the pod quite yet. Especially since it's only a monthly show.
They really have some fascinating topics, things that I would love to investigate myself but don't have the time or money required for some of them. I enjoy it when they are naturally funny and not TYRING so hard, which is Carrie's problem. I think they're both much better when they're completely natural and go with the flow of the conversation. It's not a comedy podcast, you don't have to insert things where they don't belong.... That's what she said. See what I did there? annoying.
My favorite part of the show is when they describe their favorite moment of the investigation. That is usually a naturally cute/funny moment. Carrie's 'creepy' scales are also very creative.
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