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In this episode josh and Joel get smarter, and maybe a contact high too. The guys review "Edumacation" hosted by Kevin Smith and Andy McElfresh. Kevin and Andy are about to celebrate their first year podcasting. Edumacation is a comedic info show from the Smodco Network.

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Our music guest this week is Earnest Pipes:

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You should probably read 'Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good'


Posted by Keri on
I consider myself pretty much a card carrying member of the church of Smod since the beginning and Kevin Smith might be my favorite person in the universe... that being said...

If there's any part of you that doesn't like Kev, you will hate this podcast.
He is allowed to fall into way too many potholes.
I like the topics, Andy is great, Kevin is funny but this show should be 45 mins tops.
Andy needs Kevin on a shock collar for this one.
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