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In the Pilot episode of Pod on Pod, Josh and Joel discuss "Doug Loves Movies" a weekly comedy podcast hosted by comedian Doug Benson since 2006. Find more for yourself at Douglovesmovies.com

Our outro music this week is by Proyecto Elipsis.

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Posted by Dean on
Who are you guys to tell us what podcasts are good and bad? Podcasts are free so people should just listen on their own and form their own opinions.

Plus it was really boring, I can't imagine anyone actually being an avid listener of this. Why did you think this was a good idea?
Posted by Keri on
I think this podcast is a great idea and is for people who love podcasts and are interested in finding new podcasts. And just as you, Dean, are entitled to your opinion, they are entitled to theirs and that's the point.
And I too have listened to this FREE podcast and have formed my opinion that these guys are pretty spot on.

As far as DLM. The best parts of it are the clever games and good guests. The not so great parts are the introductions and the rambling. Talking over each other is not great either, but it's recorded live with an audience and it comes with the territory.
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