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Zach and Will watch "Shoot 'Em Up" and cover topics including:

- Comedy blasphemy
- Naming a business
- How babies are made
- Celebrities: Megan Fox, Kanye West, Jenny McCarthy, and Robin WIlliams
- Bugs Bunny
- The fact that the movie doesn't have any explosions
- Going to the movies with your mom
- "The Interview"
- Speaking Italian
- Celebrity Sex Lists, and more!

Writer/Director/Producer Michael Davis joins the show to talk about:

- Introducing friends to "Shoot 'Em Up"
- His love of James Bond
- The evolution of "Shoot 'Em Up" from concept to completion
- Working with New Line Cinema
- Clive Owen
- Frustrations with the marketing of the film
- The amount of blood used on set
- "Mythbusters" doing a segment inspired by the film
- His contributions to the "Double Dragon" movie
- Using stunt and/or robotic babies on set
- Interviewing pregnant mothers about casting their unborn children, and much more!

Twitter shoutouts to: @MazJobrani & @goldspecs


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Host: Zach

AD: Will Hedrick

Guest: Michael Davis is a director, writer, and producer known for his work on: Shoot 'Em Up, Prehysteria!, Double Dragon, 100 Girls, Eight Days a Week, and more.

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