ProCreate Gameplay Footage

Video Gameplay Footage

The Non-Content Podcast is looking to showcase your gameplay footage in their podcast. The footage would play in the background on their Twitch stream and YouTube video which gets released every Monday.

Here's an example:

If your footage is chosen, your YouTube channel name (or whatever name you'd like to be there) will appear up on the screen as your footage plays and your information will also be listed in the YouTube video description. They are not looking for any specific type of gameplay so anything from RPGs, FPS, Sports, etc. are welcome, but the minimum length of a video must last 10 minutes (yes, you can cut together multiple shorter videos, but the file you send in must be at least 10 minutes).

We'd appreciate if the footage you submit was not already on your personal YouTube channel. It's not mandatory but original footage will have a higher priority. 

You can submit your questions and footage to