ProCreate Production Assistant PA

On-Set PA: Bart Baker Music Video  

The comedy music video team behind the YouTube channel 'Bart Baker' will soon be shooting a new piece, which will parody Eminem's new hit ‘The Monster' (link below). They are currently looking to hire a PA to assist on set. If interested, please provide a resume and/or a good demonstration of your skills on set for physical production. You'll be required to do a lot of lifting, car errands/crafty runs, staging/gaffing setup, misc. crew/producer support, etc.
YouTube link to Eminem's ‘The Monster ft. Rihanna’ Video:
If interested, please provide your info to Additionally, please make sure you have your own means of transportation to and from set (i.e., a car).
Pay: $100 for the day.

Shoot dateJanuary 13, 2014
Duration9am call time, shoot until 11pm. These shoots run pretty late and you need to be prepared to stay on set for that entire day.
Location: Maker Studios in Culver City