ProCreate Production Designer

Production Design Consultant 

An independent LA production team has just green-lit their next feature and is slated to begin shooting around Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe this upcoming September. 

With principal photography months away and many of the shoot’s locations locking down over the next few weeks, the team seeks a production designer to consult with throughout July. A few key locations already slated include a rustic cabin, suburban home, and a restaurant/bar. Whoever takes on this role will work with the production team and determine optimal approaches for establishing target aesthetics. 

Candidate should have previous industry experience, ideally accustomed to working in all aspects of production. Traveling with the crew to locations is optional as this role will predominantly focus around mapping out appropriate set-dressings to acquire/bring to locations, and generating set-specific placement/rigging notes with team heads. 

If interested please email your resume/reel/IMDB/portfolio to

Date: July 2014

Location: Los Angeles, California

Pay$1,000-$3,000 (to be determined based on experience)