ProCreate Graphic Designer

Graphic Design Competition

ProCreate is launching a second podcast called 'Pod on Pod'. The podcast revolves around listening to other podcasts and judging them. Every episode ends with a rating for the podcast in question. 

They are calling upon you to create their official Pod on Pod logo. If your art is chosen, your name and a link of your choosing will be in the description of every episode of the podcast. This will drive traffic to your work!

They are looking for something that will utilize bubbles (based on the P.o.P. acronym) and headphones. The title 'Pod on Pod' needs to be underneath the logo as well. 

Help out your fellow ProCreators and get your work seen by a whole new audience.

Please direct your questions and email your submissions to

Deadline: April 20th, 2014

Prize: $50 and your name and link of your choosing listed in the description of every podcast.