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JOB OPPORTUNITY [PAID] - Female Actress - Popular Parody Music Video Production- Los Angeles (Non-Union - Paid)

Next Tuesday a major comedy music video team will be shooting their new piece, which will parody Kanye West's Bound 2 video (link below). We are currently looking to cast a female co-star for the day to play the role of Kim Kardashian. Please presume that this will be close to a shot-for-shot remake with funny replacement lyrics.

Additionally, as is clear in Kanye’s original video, the actress will need to be comfortable dressing and behaving the same as Kim did. The production will predominantly require our actress to be topless, kiss, and ride the bike suggestively with the lead actor. As stated before, please see Kanye’s original video for specifics. You will be provided pasties and work in an incredibly safe/professional studio environment. Specifics about the company and environment will gladly be provided via phone/email upon request.

The YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and each new video brings in 1-5 million views so this will be great exposure.

Original video link to Kanye’s Bound 2 (contains nudity/swearing):

If interested, please email a relevant headshot/reel/resume to Casting will happen quickly over the next 48 hours so please submit promptly.

Shoot date: December 10th
Duration: 10-12 hours
Location: Culver City
Pay: $300 Flat Rate