ProCreate Actor

Actors for Web Series

T Group is a production company with multiple shows currently on the air. They will be holding auditions the last week in May / the first week in June for their new web series. 

It will be a one day shoot in mid-June. Pay: TBD - Negotiable

Here are the character breakdowns:

DAD (Star) - Late 30s/early 40s, optimistic, energetic, vibrant, defensive, oftentimes gives away too much information, thinks he’s cooler than he is, and tries to impress his son

MAX (Star) - mid-teens (14-17), naive, curious, inquisitive, simple, sensitive, logical. Believes that the world is out to get him. 

MOM (Support) - Mid/Late 30s, free-spirited

If you are interested in one of the roles please email your head shot/resume/reel to Please specify in your subject line which role you are interested in.

Audition Date: Last week in May / First week in June

Shoot Date: Mid June

Pay: TBD/Negotiable

Location: Los Angeles, California