The Team


Rob Goldman

CoFounder, Director of Productions & Community Engagement

Hey, I’m Rob Goldman. I am originally from Rockland County, NY and studied at the University of Vermont as a Film and Television Studies major and a Business Administration minor. I moved to Los Angeles in February of 2012. My part in the ProCreate team is to connect and manage the community. I have experience working as a marketer and producer for a small production house that acts as a incubator for a major studio. You can contact me if you have a project looking for people, you are somebody that is looking to get on a project, you have a script or finished project that is seeking development/funding/distribution, or just to hello!


Jeremy McKnight

CoFounder, Director of PR & Sales, Developer

Hey, I’m Jeremy McKnight.  Originally from the midwest, I’ve traveled a bit and followed my goals to California.  As part of the ProCreate team I work with new clients, partners, and community members.  I also create our image and philosophy to ensure how we are viewed by users, companies, and the world at large is consistent and on target.  My past experience working in sales and customer service play a pivotal role in knowing how to make a good first impression and impart our message in a succinct and approachable manner.  If you’re looking to get excited about what we do and how you can be involved, then I’m your guy.  And last but not least I'm in charge of making sure the website is running as well as all of our technical stuff.