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In 2XXX, on the Starfleet Azurus, a monster has emerged from it's cryogenic chamber.  The alarm rings throughout the ship but it is too late. The beast rampages through the Starfleet leaving death in it's wake.  Now having destroyed the entire crew, the monster is the master of the Starfleet Azurus.  It is  loud, enourmous, and likes to review music on it's free time.

It's name is Enoch Kim.
Can you defeat him?  Insert two credit(s) to start.

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Music Reviews

bo en - pale machine

One day we’ll look back on the start of the surrealism movement in J-Pop and center on two pioneers.

Seth Boyer - Half Lonely

Seth Boyer is the worst kept secret of indie rock yet he still remains a secret.

George and Jonathan - George and Jonathan III

In 2010, George and Jonathan was unveiled to the world and they brought with them the most arrogantly titled album ever: The…


The concept behind Kitcaliber is simple- take digital hardcore to its wildest, most extreme, most ridiculous thematic…

Blank Banshee 1 - Black Banshee

Less than half an year ago I covered Blank Banshee 0 on Headphone Puke! around the time Blank Banshee 1 was released. For recap,…

chibi-tech - MoeNES vol.1 the idol composer's groove

Less review, more technical breakdown of chibi-tech's debut album

Recess - Skrillex

If you thought Skrillex was a one-trick pony you’re wrong.

Tycho - Awake

Scott Hansen, AKA, Tycho, the acclaimed musician is back after three years with an LP titled “Awake” through Ghostly…

anosa - turbojuke.it

IDM/Juke fusion. Yo how freaking cool does that sound?

The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land

Does The Fat of the Land hold up today? (spoilers: yes)

Mom - Self Titled

A breath of fresh air in a world of super-aggressive punk

Space Boyfriend - bug spray (never give up)

This is not a redo.

Bomb the Music Industry! - Vacation

Winter is killing me slowly and Vacation is the antidote.

Emergency Tape 1 - Five Star Hotel

Harsh noise is not a genre many people get or even perceive as a legitimate genre. The release of Kanye West’s Yeezus was…

Veneer - Petriform

For years the chiptune and EDM scene’s have been best buddies. Some of chiptune’s biggest hits last year have been highly EDM…

LUST - Meishi Smile

Meishi Smile proves the punk spirit is still alive by taking J-pop to new emotional depths in his newly remastered debut album