Be sure to listen to Chancius Drzewucki's album 'Bando'.

It's an alternative rock album with a Sci-Fi twist!

The album tells the story of Bando, a young man afflicted with a life-threatening disease. In an attempt to save himself, he volunteers for an untested procedure to meld his consciousness with cutting edge technology. As his story unfolds, the ramifications of blending humanity with machinery are brought to life in sound.


Posted by Liam on
lets join hands togather all of hdnuis to save Dharma and conversations from YSR Congress as cristianity.Lakhs of People has been converted by Anil Kumar Hindus as cristianity Chala papam chesaru working as under ground mafia. maximum villages are reached 30% Cristianity plz save the state and the nation from this blade Y.S.Family now sharmila started Pada yatra with carrying of Bible atomatically people attrack with there hipnosis words and cristianity will rised to 40% to 50% cristianity in villages. Chudandi Y.S.Vijayamma garu meru kattukunna saree hindu tradition meeru pattukunna bottu hindu Tradition yendukuamma meru hinduvulani mosamchestharu lakshaladimandi hindu vulani cristianity ga marchina meru me alludu Anil kumar chala papam chesthunaru.Plz Note : Y.S.Family has not visiting our temples with heartly (manasulo varu saithan dhaghariki vacham anukuntunaru and saying to jesus on his prayers for visiting hindu Temples)plz stop to visit our temples other wise we have to make suddhi after visit of Adharma People Temples are using as a political Drama and acting.Mokka ga thunchanidhi manu ga thunchalemu.
Posted by Thomas on
"Germany/Deutschland is a good example. I guess the foemrr is from the Latin Germania, but then we're back to the start with why the Romans called it something the natives did not.All explanations welcome."1900 years ago Tacitus wrote in his work "Germania" that Germani was the name of a specific German tribe that the Romans encountered early on. He wrote that the Romans simply applied the name of this single tribe to all the tribes that looked and sounded similar to the Germani. He lists at least a couple dozen Germanic tribes in his treatise.What did the Germans actually call themselves in Roman times? We can't be sure because although they were literate, they didn't write books. Runic iscriptions are rarely longer than a few sentences. By the time a substantial corpus of written material in German accumulated (8th century AD), they were definitelly calling themselves Theudisc. The modern words Deutsch and Dutch are directly descended from this "theudisc". This word is thought to descend from an Indo-European root meaning "people, tribe". It's interesting that the earliest Germanic tribes that the Romans ever met (around 100 BC) were the Teutones and the Cimbri. The earliest mention of any Germans in any extant written source mentioned two tribes and one of them is called Teutones, a word obvously related to modern "Deutsch". It's possible (though unprovable) that Germans have been using that word to describe all speakers of Germanic since antiquity.A few years ago there was a discussion on sci.lang about the form "theudisc" would have taken in modern English if English hadn't dropped it back in the Middle Ages. The consensus was that it would now be spelled "Theedish". "Dutch" was a late re-borrowing from the continent.
Posted by Daniel on
A lot of places and peelpos are named by the tribe next door. A literate explorer asks Tribe X what's the name of Tribe Y who live east of the mountain range, and they say, "The Stzkayuuskomiqs," which is discovered, years later, to mean, "Subhuman dirtbags who live east of the mountains." So, he writes it down on his map and that's how it goes into the books.Centuries later Tribe Y finds out about this and demands that their name be changed in all the books to what they call themselves, which 90% of the time translates to "The Only Genuine Human Beings, Unlike Those Subhuman Dirt Bags who Live West of the Mountains." [url=]jmzkzuhh[/url] [link=]rrcfdzz[/link]
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