Nasty Habits: Ep#2 - Wasted Heart

NASTY HABITS is a collection of vignettes featuring characters .participating in their own addictive habits from Writer/Director Christina de Leon.

Nasty Habits covers multiple points of view in these 'slice of life' episodes. Rarely are the stories about addiction itself, but more focused on the bonds and conversations that emerge from sharing a cigarette, a drink, a cup of coffee, and all our other nasty habits.

You can watch episode #2 above which is about Penny who tries to prevent her inebriated best friend, Mikey, from chasing after his evil ex. You know it's a good party when there is enough alcohol to induce a drunken heart to heart in the bathroom.

Written and Directed by
Christina de Leon

Mikey played by
Julian De La Celle

Penny played by
Kelly Studnicki

Executive Producers
Christina de Leon Katie Lee Harper

Arthur Hong

Graphic Design
Jenny Famularcano
Lucas Chen


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