This short film you just watched above is the first in a series of 6 short films produced by Devil's Courier's producer Winston A. Abalos.

The film was shot entirely on the iPhone that takes another look/perspective at the whole topic of bullying.

They were in essence looking to get awareness to these films during October which is anti-bullying month.

Winston had this to say:
"At the end of it all, its more about getting the message out there for for us opposed to the film itself. there is and always will be a pointing of the finger when it comes to bullying. everyone says, "he does this" or "they do that". No one seems to look at the root of the problem; US. we are all bullies. society has established a "right way" of being that has been ingrained in us since before time. and at the core, THAT is the bully. the notions, the labels, the expectations; that is the root and guilty party for all bullies."

The short film above, "iBully", poses that question to the audience. Who is the real bully? Is it the bully, or is it society that brainwashes people into thinking that there is a right and wrong way to be?

The 2nd film "Now", makes reference to the whole "it gets better" campaign. At the core it says "don't wait, we can't wait, let's make it better now". At the end of it all, as a society, WHY and HOW can we wait? Its another ideal that has been set in our minds.

You can watch that film right here:


Writer/Director -- Paul Morente
Writer/Director -- Carlos Tesoro
Producer -- Winston A. Abalos
AD -- Regine Richards
DP -- Andre Ferreira
Editor -- Sebastian Heinrich / Carlos Tesoro
Music Composer -- Mark Koval
Second Camera Operator -- Andre Slaughter
First Assistant Camera -- Aleph Esquivel
Art Director -- Roxy Campos
Art PA -- Travis Bennett
Costume Designer -- Melissa Walker
Wardrobe Assitant -- Bo Metz
Production Coordinator -- Brittney Deutsch
Second AD -- Staci Flood
PA -- Clark Tesoro
PA -- Michael Argona
MUA -- LisaMarie Von Isenberg
Still Photography -- Anna Morente
Sound Mixing & ADR -- Phil Tagliere


Billy -- Ryan Shaughnessy
Mark -- Matt Arnett
jock -- Tyler Wade Smith
Jock --Jonathan Michael McClune
Jock -- Brett Wyman
Coach -- Anton Norinskiy
Teacher -- Sarah Mitchell
Jogger -- Candace Devine
Asian passenger -- Carlos Tesoro
Glee Kid 1 -- Justin Oberts
Glee kid 3 -- Kathy S. Yamamoto
Glee kid 4 -- Lindsey Mcdowell
Glee kid 5 -- David Schifilliti
Glee kid 6 -- Tiia Chandler
High school student 1 -- Brian Cunningham
Goth 1 -- Albert Magana
Goth 2 -- Allison Cripe
Cheerleader -- Captiain Annabel Briana Price
cheerleaders 2 -- Stefanie Woodburn
Cheerleaders 3 -- Morgan Obenreder
cheerleaders 4 -- Maria E. Hildreth


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