Deep Bloom

Kevin Clark and his band Roah Summit just released their EP, 'Deep Bloom'.

Roah Summit is from Costa Mesa, California and you can also check out their EP on iTunes and Soundcloud.


Posted by Aedgyth on
saludos Tony, desde el otro lado del mar. Abusado con las nif1as, que te quieran lvaelr...... pero al fondo del bar!Forzadf3n pero animoso :P
Posted by Aden on
"adults who sat 11 or more hours per day had a 40% increased risk ... copaermd with those who sat for fewer than four hours a day"I don't get it: "copaermd with those who sat for fewer than four hours a day"? Really? Let's see: assuming (since I couldn't get the original article either), that "sitting" doesn't include the 7 hours or so of sleeping, that leaves you with with 17 hours a day or so to sit or stand (or walk or whatever); so are they telling us that there are people out there who spend 13 hours (or more!) of those 17 hours - EVERY DAY - standing? Even if a person like that works 8 hours every day and doesn't sit down even for a single minute - it still leaves at least 5 hours of standing! So his day would look something like this: 7 hours sleep (horizontally), 4 hours sitting, 8 hours standing at work and 5 hours standing at home - and all that on a daily basis, weekends and holidays included - not bad if you can pull it off...And all that 13 to 17 hours of standing a day buys you is a 29% decrease (do the math) of the risk of dying in the next 3 years copaermd to those who stand 0 to 6 hours day. I must be missing something.
Posted by Atanu on
Do you know if it took into account their age? I've seen news roetrps of this today but not been able to pull up the article. I saw no mention of accounting for anything other than health, weight and activity in any report, except fro naming the larger study. Does "45 and up" mean they just started this study and will be following current 45 year-olds into old age or are the people being studied spread out in the "45 and up" group?
Posted by Yazgul on
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