Trailer #1: Feature

Directed, produced, and starring Santiago Salviche.
Written by Devon Libran.

Plot: A show business manager just signed one of the biggest Hollywood movie stars under his agency, from that moment his life becomes a roller-coaster. His high maintenance wife doesn't help in making his life easier.

Trailer #2: Love

Trailer #3 “Its Coming”

Directed by: Santiago Salviche
Produced by: Santiago Salviche, Maximilian Law
Written by: Devon Libran, Paul Cranford, Caroline Le Duc.
Cast: Maximilian Law, Devon Libran, Tasha Smith, Caroline Le Duc, James Rollyson, Santiago Salviche, Tyra Young, Morgan Michaels, Paul Cranford and Carl Cloud as 'Bear'.

Year & Country: 2013 (USA)
Genre: TV-Web Series | Comedy


Posted by Martin on
I am a Libra female inetersted in a Virgo male. The guy i am inetersted in we are not together but i think about him all the time. When ever we do see each other he goes out of his way to say something anything to me. He could be in a crowd and he always acknowelges me. We have however messed around once and it was dynamite. I mean the sex was amazing better then i have ever had before. He was a very passonate lover. But even after that we did not exchange numbers so i hope i will see him again before the summer is over. I know where he stays. He has a girlfriend but i can look in his eyes and see that hes not happy. So every one wish us luck and that we can make something out of nothing as far as a relationship.
Posted by Zayn on
I'm a Virgo man I just met a very beautiful and warm haetred libra woman. She is so loving and caring and yes lazy. But I love to cuddle up with her a lot. I would like to see how far this relationship will go. To me she is wifey material.
Posted by Nikky on
I have to admit that recently I didn?t have much time to read your blog much. So I have to catch up with many of your stoeris however this subject is especially intriguing.You way of talking about it is very interesting, aware and self-conscious.I don?t think that you changed you change the road you follow. Now in stead of following way that your parents choose for you, you follow your own path. Which is not easy at all, and I have to say that I do not know many people who would be able to do so. However I do not think that it is a matter of our inner child to grow up. I think that it means that you are able eventually to live your life as an adult however now you are not afraid no more to show to the others that the child in you is still alive and always will be. You are not afraid to live freely, fully in every sense. I seems, that now you have enough confidence in your self that the voice that you follow in your life is your own and you do not need others to tell you what to do and guide you through the path that would not belong to you. That is an amazing achievement being the adult you meant to be and let your inner child grow and express itself. Follow the voice of your heart and soul without hesitation, since when you do that everything feels just right.You will be able to fulfil your destiny by walking on the right path, your path.I am proud of you and I am glad to know you ? I think that you are closer and closer to know what it means to love, to feel your heart filled with joy and gratitude that you can not contain it, and it has to bubble over and out to all those that surround you. You are closer to this glorious feeling of well-being and of being at one with all life by being at one with your self at first. All fear, all hatred, jealousy, envy and greed disappear when you listen to the voice of your heart, for there is no place for those negative and destructive forces when you are guided by love. The language, voice of your heart.Open your eyes and your heart and see, need and don?t be too afraid to answer it.I have to get ready to work now, thank you for gift of this beautiful morning .Big hugs for you and Dorotka . [url=]vobzkjxmdo[/url] [link=]hyaurxo[/link]
Posted by Tam on
As promised, betetr late then never. The ever lasting question, do people change. It?s like who was there first the sperm or the egg, but now a bit serious.I have been thinking about it, looking at my life and at other people?s lives. And my theory about it all is that people can change but very rarely, people do evolve or de-evolve. To be clearer I?ll use D&D as an example. Everyone is born into this world with certain qualities and defects. We all have our personality our character. We are born with certain presets and they evolve true all kinds of influences. But at the start of our life we are not all equal. But let?s not go into that discussion, it?s a different one.So looking at D&D you cannot turn a chaotic good rogue into a neutral good Monk. Everyone can evolve and there skills can get betetr, they also might change their attitude a bit through certain encounters. But people only change through real chock. At least that is what I think.Look at me I?m in Asia; I left everything behind and started a new life. I?m a quite shy person and it?s hard for me to make contact with people in group. I?m great at 1 to 1. Who would say a person like me would take that step.On the other hand since I was able to talk, my parents send me to summer camp and I loved it, I always wanted to go, but on 1 condition, if I knew no one. So as you can see even as a little child I wanted to break out and be free and try to go over my limits. It still doesn?t change me much but I try to evolve. Have I changed, I don?t know and I don?t care, have I evolved, at some parts yes, at some not as much as I wanted. But have I tried, Yes and that?s all that matters I think in the end. If you changed hector I don?t know, but I see you are trying to evolve and that?s all that matters I would say?
Posted by Snezana on
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