Net Neutrality Explained by the FCC

More great work from Alex Hluch

We all know that Net Neutrality is precious and that we should be doing everything in our power to uphold it against the encroaching FCC and telecommunication monopolies. A few people are actually insane enough to believe otherwise, however... Produced by: Alex Hluch Written by: Alex Hluch Directed by: Stephen Vanderpool Starring: Danielle Spisso, Allison Walter, and Alex Hluch Cinematography: Stephen Vanderpool Audio: Stephen Vanderpool Edited by: Alex Hluch


Posted by Iury on
Yo Field excellent point this just pvreos my theory about black people. We are not yet polished enough intellectually to know how to effectively use all of the tools of common sense, restraint, ect to effectively get alont anywhere in the world. Hes narrow view of gay folks has been nurtured and strenthened in the black community. These dogmatically negative negative feelings have always found sustinance in the church. In the black community we latch on to and even breathe life into many malicously false and dogmatic ideas and concepts. Such as ColorismSuppression of womenAll police bieng evilThinking knowlege, learning, discussion and debate are Brothas with a chevaunistic view towards black women The basic attitude I have found amongst brothas is a man can cheat to no fucking end but it is one hundred percent wrong for her to cheat on you and most of us shared and nurtured this philosopy.I aint trying to bash us Im just pointing out a lot of biases, prejudices and good old fashion dysfuntions that we allowed to grow into these monsters we face today. We allowed this to happen because as a group too many of us failed to develop ourselves and thus a lot of us lack the intellectually total skills it takes to live harmoniously with the world. The murder and incarration rate of young black males tells you something. The murder rate of young black celebirties and athletes tells you something. Black people are having are hard time getting along because way too many of us are underdeveloped intellectually. But instead of admitting it we just allow the apathy and denial sydrome we seem to be infected with as a race to take over and we do nothing except deny. Until black people are willing to make education, thought, debate and then common sense a priority get use to it. What makes it so retarded is the fact that hollywood is full of gay people. They exist in areas and on levels of hollywood that black people dont. They are even more visible in hollywood than normal public life. IW know all of this I bet some of his bosses in hollywood have been gay. The reason I think that IW made his statement is because in the black community it is quite often normal to talk like that or to spread that attitude. He came out of a black community that has been hypocrital and hostile to gay people for a long time. Keeping it real his statements express a feeling not uncommon in the black community that I remember. Until there is intellectual reform of the black race get use to it.
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