Jon Rudnitsky brings the funny in this #Selfie Parody...#DickPic!

Listen to community member Mike Zahorak's 2013-2014 Film Composer Reel.

Here's some footage of Leo Rodriguez and his band (The Rebel Noise) performances last month.

David L. Rivera: 2013 Cinematography Reel from David L. Rivera on Vimeo.
Take a couple minutes out of your day to enjoy David Rivera's new cinematography reel!

Alex Pastos does his first podcast interview with Warn the Villagers!

Community member Dash Miller's EP Entitled "Matters Of The Heart".
What do you think of Dash's EP?

SLAM!: Support Music Mentorship in LA

Community member Roi Matalon's charity program SLAM! engages college student volunteers to teach after-school music classes in underserved public high schools, filling critical voids left by underfunded music programs.

They have just launched an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to serve even more universities and high schools!

Inspector Spacetime is doing another IndieGoGo campaign. Support Steven Wong (Behind-the-scenes producer/editor) by checking out their project!

Ryan Koch's band @FLORALS just released their first song today of their upcoming EP. If you're into downtempo, take a listen.