[... SOLITARY ...] (a short film)

ProCreator Derek Pastuszek wants to create a short film about solitary confinement and the psychological effects it has on it's inmates. This topic is held dear to his heart because when he was forced into isolation after suffering a concussion Derek started having auditory hallucinations.

Take a minute to watch the KickStarter video and check out the page. There is a ton of really interesting information.

SOLITARY: a short film exploring the psychology of an inmate being kept in long-term isolation in a prison's solitary confinement unit.

SOLITARY is, at its core, an exploration of the well-hidden world of solitary confinement, both the experience and the institution. The narrative stays with one inmate, serving a sentence for a nonviolent crime, as he is placed into the SHU for multiple years of confinement. As storytellers, we aim to craft a story that dives deep into his psychological and emotional state as he struggles to endure his long-term isolation. With your help, we can tell this story and bring this world, especially our inmate's cell, to life with every haunting and powerful detail -- from the echoing screams of agony that surround the cell to the bloody fingerprints that our inmate presses on his wall to mark each passing day in isolation.


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