Bonera Commercial - BANNED from TV in 2013.

Kovar McClure, Shane Cibella, and Winston Abalos bring you the ultimate male enhancement....Bonera!

You can expect new content from these guys every Tuesday leading up to Season 2 of Devil's Couriers!

The Devil's Couriers Motorcycle Club watches the demise of their erectile dysfunction business when Hipsters on Scooters gain control of Bonera, a new male enhancement drug. Watch as the battle for Bonera begins.

Created by Shane Cibella
Directed by Kovar McClure
Written by Shane Cibella, Tim Aslin and Kovar McClure
Cinematography by Alex Simon

John Charles Meyer
Tim Aslin
Shane Cibella
Kovar McClure
John Walcutt
Amanda Hall
Heidi James
Max Faugno
Brian Ibsen


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