Digital Dan

ProCreator Gabriella Schafer was casted in the web series, Digital Dan, a comedy series about a man who develops a very unique connection with his digital devices.

Gabriella will be playing the role of Denise. Denise is another one of Dan Frazier's digital companion's. She lives in the smaller laptop the Macbook Air. Denise has a bit of a crush on her owner and is jealous of her smartphone companion Victor for being her owners "device of choice" and who because of his portability, gets to go everywhere with him. She also as you will soon find out, doesn't care much for her fellow data being Cory who inhabits a larger laptop. She has a extremely flirtatious personality and wants to have all of her owners attention. She was purchased at the Apple Store in the United Kingdom.

Right now Digital Dan is running a crowdfunding campaign on TubeStart. Be sure to check it out:


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