The Sam Brown Band

Sam Brown of The Sam Brown Band has been making music since was 16 years old when he published his first track on iTunes.

He's collaborated both locally (North Carolina) and internationally (India and Senegal).

Yellow Cake is his debut album which was initially a monster solo project: 51 experimental rock tracks. He's cut down the abum and you can listen to the tacks he's honed down above.

The album was released on January, 1st 2014.

Check out one of his live shows here:

Check out all the wonderful people that made this album possible:

Sam Brown
Wesley Graham

"The King's Death Song":
Trumpet - Evan Atherton
Trombone - Shuhei Tsurumi
Tuba - E.J. Harrison
Drums - Kevin Church
Horn Arrangement - Evan Atherton

Vocals - Mamoudou Nomad Baldé

"Sad Bird":
Cello - Peter Alfredson
Double Bass - Wood Robinson

"Prison Song":
Cello - Peter Alfredson

"Cruel Planet":
Guitars - Nate Dierk

"Resurrection (Love)":
Cello - John Reardon
Saxophone - Matthew Booth

Performed by UNC Jazz Band
Recorded by Stewart Engart

Album Artwork:
Andrew Dinwiddie
Sam Brown

Jason Wolonick

Some tracks are binaural or ambisonic surround. Listen with headphones for full effect.

If you would like to support The Sam Brown Band, you can purchase the album for whatever price you feel it deserves. As of now you can name your price

Eighty percent of the proceeds from this work will be donated to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

You can buy the album by click this link:


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