The Menteur Music Group

Mentuer is a performance collective that incorporates paint, light design, and crowd participation to create unique live experiences.

To preserve the "experience" many recordings are done binaurally, using their binaural dummy head recorder (and psuedo-frontman) Frank Head.

Menteur was founded by Carter Fourqurean and Sam Reeves, inspired by recording sessions where Carter would create sounds and textures with loopers and cassette recorders while Sam would paint to the sound.

Currently Menteur consists of 35 musicians, painters, performers, actors, videographers, technicians, light designers, and producers - many of which are active in other projects.

Every performance is different, and there are often different performers at every show, and for every album.

Here's a list of every contributor:

Corey Bax - Guitar
Philippe Blanchette - Electric Guitar
Aaron Bond - Vocals
Christopher Pendergrass - Vocals
Sam Brown - Vocals
Nate Dierk - Vocals
Scott Donnell - Vocals
Jason Wolonick - Vocals
Luke Murray - Vocals
Trevor Overman - Vocals
Ogede - Vocals
John Reardon - Vocals
Jeff Hymes - Vocals
Chase Dubois - Vocals
Ernest Thompson - Vocals
Trey Howie - Vocals
Matt Phillips - Vocals
Saman Khoujinian - Vocals
Andrew Jones - Vocals
Erin Sands - Vocals
Madeline Hurley - Vocals
Priyank Patel - Vocals
Shannon Kelly - Vocals
Heather Seaman - Vocals
Mary Lawless - Vocals
Tyler Billman - Vocals
Gabriel Reynolds - Vocals
Gabrirel Anderson - Vocals
Dylan Turner - Vocals
Pj Eckerd - Vocals
George Godsmark - Vocals
Max Phuala - Vocals
Will Futch - Vocals
Nate Wagner - Vocals
Kevin Church - Vocals
Zach Corsa - Vocals
Demetri C. McClain - Vocals
Danny Abrams - Vocals
Matthew Booth - Vocals


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