Dick is a Dick: Boredman

Nightwing hates patrolling when Gotham is dead. Unfortunately, that happens far more often than you'd think, and Dick has never been known for his patience and gentility. When The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn all take the night off, Dick becomes...a dick.

Produced by: Alex Hluch
Directed by: Alex Hluch
Written by: Alex Hluch, Nick Pangilinan, and Brian Soulard
Starring Taylor Frost as Nightwing and Ethan McDowell as Batman
Cinematography: Stephen Vanderpool and Nick Giomuso
Audio: Stephen Vanderpool and Nick Giomuso
Wardrobe: Lindsay Hamilton and Ethan McDowell
Production Design: Lindsay Hamilton
PA: Jamie Frost
Edited by: Alex Hluch and JC Standring
Color: Alex Hluch
Sound: Alex Hluch
Music: Jingle Punks
Special Thanks: Josh Wise


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