Tristan Interrogation - Devil's Couriers

We would like to congratulate the entire Devil's Couriers Team for being selected to be screened at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival!

The Battle for #Bonera continues as the FDA interrogates the Devil's Couriers Motorcycle Club, but Tristan has something up his.. pants?!

Creator -- Shane Cibella
Producer -- Tim Aslin
Producer -- Kovar McClure
Producer -- Winston A. Abalos
Writer -- Kovar McClure
Director -- Kovar McClure
Editor -- Kovar McClure
DP -- Alex Simon
Cermera Operator -- Jerrey Kerr
Camera Operator -- Brian McCauley
Sound -- Sebastian Heinrich
Wardrobe -- Melissa Walker
Production Coordinator -- Brittney Deutsch

Script Sup -- Sara Zanelletti
Camera Assistant -- Daniel Harmeling
Agent La'bia -- Etienne Eckert

TRISTAN -- Shane Cibella

FBI 1 -- Ron A. Abalos
FBI 2 -- Marvin Kim


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