Sara Interrogation - Devil's Couriers

Producer Winston A. Abalos shares with us another interrogation from Devil's Couriers. This time Sara is up!

The FDA will go to any length to get Sara to talk, but how does a slow motion pillow fight happen?

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Creator Shane Cibella
Producer Tim Aslin
Producer Kovar McClure
Producer/ Interview Director Winston A. Abalos
Writer Kovar McClure
Director Kovar McClure
Editor Kovar McClure
DP Alex Simon
Camera B Operator Jerrey Kerr
Camera B Operator Brian McCauley
Sound Sebastian Heinrich
Wardrobe Melissa Walker
Production Coordinator Brittney Deutsch
Script Sup Mayra Monroy
Camera Assistant Daniel Harmeling

AGENT LA'BIA Etienne Eckert
HENRY John Walcutt
SARA Amanda Hall
HIPSTER CHICK Brittney Deutsch
LINDA Kiki Wong
GRACE Heidi James


Posted by Winston on
Looks great Rob, thanks!
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