The Lost

ProCreator Allie Rivera (Producer) would like to share with you her latest feature film, 'The Lost'. It is currently live on Indie Go Go. You can watch their pitch video above.

THE LOST is about a group of college students who go on a "glamping" trip for spring break. Paige is your heroine. Incredibly intelligent but overworked and in desperate need of a little R&R (and perhaps a social life or a boyfriend!). Her best friend, Riley convinces her to forget the impending doom of finals and to come spend the weekend in a beautiful cabin owned by the family of their friend, Aaron. Aaron is a bit of an oddball with a major crush on Paige and is elated when she agrees to join-in for the weekend.

While the group set up a campfire and start making a few drinks and setting out food for their first night at the cabin, Paige is distracted by a lone hiker, Collin. Collin has been hiking the area all day in search of his sister who went missing a week ago while she was camping with her fiancé. Tired, hungry and a bit discouraged, Collin decides to join the group for some food and rest for the night.

Meanwhile, Aaron disappears from the group and is shortly thereafter discovered hanging in the rafters! The rest of the evening is spent running from an unknown killer while trying to figure out why THEY have become the target of this mass murder. In order to survive the night, they must work together or face an untimely, horrible death!


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