How Anti-Vaxxers Sound to Normal People

Girl Pants productions strikes big with this hilarious video about anti-vaxxers!

Produced by: Alex Hluch
Directed by: Alex Hluch and Stephen Vanderpool
Screenplay by: Alex Hluch
Contributing Writers: Alex Hluch, Jamie Frost, Steven Vivell, Tim Everson, Nicholas Pangilinan, Stephen Vanderpool, Nate Hartley

Starring: (in Chronological Order)
Bonnie He
Danielle Spisso
Scarlet Sheppard
Tim Everson
Will Saunders
Faisal Salah
Kristen Brancaccio
Jamie Frost
Taylor Frost
Carlos Leon
Alex Hluch
Tanya Lim
Cara Manuele
Robert Svetlik
Karen Wilmer
Chloe Miranda
Lizz Adams
Dusty Bayers
Harrison Grant
Stephen Vanderpool

Cinematography: Stephen Vanderpool
Audio: Alex Hluch
Edited by: Alex Hluch
Music: Jingle Punks


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