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  • Perks/Equipment

    If you're in need of equipment, ProCreate can help. Get a 60% discount through on any of the equipment below. Email info@teamprocreate.com for more details.

    • Canon C100/6D/5DMK3/BlackMagic
    • Zeiss Cinema set 35/50/85
    • Canon 17-40 4.0/ 40mm 2.0 / 24-105 UDM LSeries
    • Batteries set/Skate Dollies for DSLR & C100/300
    • Sliders
    • 2x H4N Zoom Recorder
    • 4x 64GB / 640 SSD / 240 SSD
    • 7in Monitors / HDMI Field monitors
    • Atomos Ninja 2 external recorder
    • Octocopter for DSLR & C100/RED cameras
    • GoPro 3+ And accessories & more...
  • Perks/Insurance

    ProCreate is working to help make your shoots easier and more affordable. Get a quote from one of our partners for equipment, location, short-term (1 day) or long-term(annual).

    Get a quote here.

    Check out this article for more info on why you might need insurance.

  • Perks/Studio Space

    ProCreate is working on a deal for ProCreators to use a space in Culver city for shoots. Convenient parking, tons of equipment, lighting rigs, green screen, and an editing bay all in one spot so you can focus on your project. Stay tuned as we work out more perks for you.


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