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Episode 9: "The Disappeared"

by Dan Tomasik

Quick Taste:

The group gathers at Setrakian’s Pawn Shop as they orchestrate their next move. 


After the adrenaline-fueled night spent at the gas station, a good rest is just what the doctor ordered. A little time to recover, mourn the dead, burn the bodies, and center oneself for the next chapter in this nightmarish New York.

ProCreate The StrainA fair amount of “The Disappeared” features characters trying to comfort each other, with varying degrees of success. At the bottom of the totem pole is Eichhorst (naturally), who offers Setrakian a few words of compliment and comfort, only to abandon him to the firing squad when the Master cripples his hands. In all honesty, what more would we expect?

Next from the bottom is Setrakian, who attempts to comfort Eph’s son Zach by encouraging him to take a moment to mourn the dead, then move on. Smile and wink. Talk about rabid animals, give him a book about vampires, bring him to his underground workshop filled with artifacts and some creepy heart in a glass jar. It’s clear Setrakian’s experience with kids is notably lacking, but he improves as the episode goes on.

Vasiliy comforts Dutch the hacker as she discovers that her “more than a friend” roommate that left them all at the gas station has made off with all her money, hard drives, equipment; basically everything she had. For a guy who’ll shoot you in the face at a moment’s notice, he makes a lot of effort to reach out to others. Underneath it all, he’s a very sweet sociopath.

The award for best comforting goes to Eph, who comforts Nora by giving her exactly what she needs to move passed Jim’s death in the previous episode; wild sex. On top of it, Eph has his son back and just decapitated his ex-wife’s new boyfriend with a shovel. All together, it’s ProCreate The Strainbeen a pretty good day for Ephraim Goodweather.

The question at the end of this episode is what next?


Eph bashes his ex-wife’s new boyfriend with a shovel, then decapitates him with a devastating finishing move. Vasiliy beats a stoner vampire to death with a small chisel.  The Master breaks young Abraham’s hands.


The big one is the reveal of the Master’s face. There is ugly, there is freaky, there is vampire, and then there is the Master. There is also the nauseating transformation of Gus’ buddy in prison. Combing sickly green lighting and flecks of puke all over his chin, it’s a particularly disturbing display. 

Biggest Shock:

The Master’s face revealed. First surprise, that hood is an organic part of his being that he can extend or retract with a wave of his hand. Second surprise, he’s a pretty ugly master. Maybe not Predator ugly, but that hood serves a valuable purpose.

WIBTOVE (Why It’s Better Than Other Vampire Entertainment):

One element that hasn’t been given enough attention is the disturbing and unsettling color palette this show employs. Sickly yellows and greens give everything a feverish tint to it. It’s as if this whole world is coming down with something.

Vampire Kill of the Week: Vasiliy Fet

Bashing a former stoner roommate’s head in with a miniature pickaxe.

Episode Score:8.4/10

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Cast and Crew

Directed byCharlotte Sieling

Written byRegina Corrado

Air Date: September 7th, 2014

Overall Score: 8.4/10

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