ProCreate Red Band Society


Episode 8: “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Outta My Car”

by Dan Tomasik

Short Version:

The Banders celebrate Charlies wakeup by trying to find the perfect gift. Meanwhile, Dr. McAndrews struggles with the unorthodox methods of a new doctor.

Full Diagnosis:

We got ourselves a live one, here! After weeks of failing to meet expectations, Red Band Society is finally hitting its stride with drama, comedy, and character development. The showrunners finally have everyone on the same side. They still argue with each other, but it no longer feels like everyone is trying to bite each othersheads off. Even McAndrews has gotten off his high horse, found his sense of humor and his sense of humility.

ProCreate Red Band Society

The Banders are finally acting like a group, united by their happiness to see Charlie awake. Well, awakemight be stretching it, but its a notable change for the better in his condition. Even Kara is excited for her roomie. Not her usual faux-excited either, an actual human expression of joy for someone else. *Sniff* Shes come so far. The Banders decide to get Charlie a gift, with a list that includes origami animals, pizza, dogs, and boobs. Fantastic bit with a bouncer at a strip club, one of the serieshighlights.

Karas proving herself to be the breakout character of the series, alongside Nurse Brittany. How wonderful then that they get to bond during this episode. Kara shows a variety of different sides, including her caring side, tween side, jealous side, skate punk side (much better than it sounds), even her stop being an idiot with a death wishside.

ProCreate Red Band Society

The main drama centers around Emma. However, unlike past episodes where she would lash out against others, this time she is keeping her problems buried. Its so painful to see someone so smart and pretty struggling like this. Especially given she seemed to make making progress last week. Just goes to show how difficult being in her position is. It has ups & downs, even when things are on the upswing.

This has been the most fun episode in some time.


40ccs of keep-up-the-momentum!

Episode Score: 8.4


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Cast and Crew

Directed byMark Piznarski

Written byBill Krebs

Air Date: November 19th, 2014

Episode Score: 8.4/10

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