ProCreate Red Band Society


Episode 7: “Know Thyself”

by Dan Tomasik

Short Version:

Leo takes Emma out to meet his friends, the others watch a surgery, and Nurse Jackson eases back into her pre-nurse life.

Full Diagnosis:

Maybe theres hope for this show after all. A huge improvement over last weeks episode, thanks in part to the addition of Hunter, Karas new nihilist hunk crush. He calls the group out on most of the issues I myself brought up in my reviews. Is his delivery cheesy? Yes, but hes getting the characters back on track. Break out of the relationship melodrama, bring up the issues and questions they should be asking. This has been the first episode in a great while to feature the group as billed, i.e., a society.

ProCreate Red Band Society

All the relationship drama is focused on Leo and Emma, but breaks out of the usual mold this week. Leo takes Emma out to meet his friends, but causes her extreme anxiety and embarrassment when her condition comes out. Leos friends are another example of well-written, likable, but clearly flawed characters. They mean well, but as in real life, mess up without realizing it. Taking a girl with anorexia out to a restaurant, it becomes clear the shame and pain Emma perpetually suffers from her condition. Leo seems to understand how hurt she is, although that doesnt seem to stop him from stuffing his face at the same time. Their arc ends on a good note, a genuine step forward for their relationship.

As for Nurse Jackson, shes back to the sassy, no-nonsense Octavia Spencer we know and love. Her bonding time with Brittany and Kenji is everything the shows been missing all these weeks. Its like seeing Kara out of her scrubs for the first time back during the Homecoming. The show spends so much time in an unwavering hospital setting that we sometimes forget there is a world outside of it, that these people have lives. This week has been a resurrection of Red Band Society, generating new hope that the show can improve and become what we all wanted it to be in the beginning.

ProCreate Red Band Society


A healthy dose of away-from-hospital time, daily togetherness between the society, and continued development between Leo and Emma.

Episode Score: 7.8


Posted by danielle on
ii love this show!!why do they takke all the good shows away?
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Cast and Crew

Directed byGriffin Dunne

Written byRachel Shukert

Air Date: November 12th, 2014

Episode Score: 7.8/10

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