ProCreate Red Band Society


Episode 6: “Ergo Ego”

by Dan Tomasik

Short Version:

The hospital residents struggle with their various relationships while Nurse Jackson deals with the ramifications of her actions.

Full Diagnosis:

Someone needs to put Red Band Society out of its misery. The show has devolved into an hour-long melodrama of bland relationships. Not just the Jordi-Emma-Leo triangle, but every single character is talking about what is, was, or could be with someone else. I honestly started counting to see if a scene could go 60 seconds without becoming about relationship drama. Only Kara made it, for the waking up scene with her mother. Honestly the most heartfelt, funny and real scene in the entire episode; and it came from Kara! Granted, 3 minutes later it became about her budding love/hate relationship with some new hunk.

ProCreate Red Band Society

There is so much more to depicting people. Philosophies, backstories, distinctions, how they handle situations differently from other people, etc. Here, its all just who theyre with. Emma with Jordi but Leo sees and goes after her but she goes after Dash to avoid both and they pair up, then end up going at it and shes with one at the end, pissing off the other. Why does she pick one over the other? Who knows, it doesnt seem to have anything to do with actual personality or chemistry, its just going back and forth, throwing it all against the wall and seeing what sticks. Honestly, I could not care less which she ends up with. It truly makes zero difference in the grand scheme of anything.

The only saving graces for the longest time have been Nurse Jackson and Nurse Brittany. The only two not talking about whos with who about whatever. Brittany is consistently the best source of comedy in the program; only to start making moves on Dr. McAndrews. As for Nurse Jackson, her characteristic wit and cutting commentary has been substituted for vulnerability and weakness. Theyve taken every ounce of spark and energy out of Octavia Spencer and replaced it with a pathetic shell of the formidable woman.

ProCreate Red Ban Society


Surgical removal of teen soap drama. Failing that, euthanasia.

Episode Score: 4.2


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Cast and Crew

Directed byJason Ensler

Written byJeannine Renshaw

Air Date: November 5th, 2014

Episode Score: 4.2/10

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