ProCreate Red Band Society


Episode 5: “So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want”

by Dan Tomasik

Short Version:

Charlies backstory is explained as Social services plan to move him to a different hospital. Elsewhere, Jordi learns to drive and Kara bonds with Dash. 

Full Diagnosis:

We have finally crossed over into soap opera territory. Its not just the musical cues, although they were particularly obvious this week. Even the drama falls flat, despite the actorsbest efforts to make it feel real. Charlies backstory wants to have all the workings of a great tragedy, but it comes off simply as an unfortunate accident. Its sad to see it misfire, because Thomas Ian Nichols gives one of his best performances in memory. Its an unexpected turn from an actor mostly known for comedic movies and roles. He was actually featured in last weeks episode, but didnt have a single line.

ProCreate Red Band Society

Last week I pleaded for a unifying storyline amongst the Red Band Society. Charlies situation seemed to have the best chance of getting the job done. While at the moment everyone within the group loves or hates each other, Charlie is the one person they all at least somewhat care about, even Kara. Nope. Its not until the last 4 minutes of the show that anyone besides Nurse Jackson and Dr. McAndrews even finds out something is happening with Charlie. In the last two minutes, everyone gathers together to honor him. To Charlie, they toast. That is it.

What are the rest of Charlies friends doing? Teaching Jordi to drive and helping Dash tag a rooftop. Priorities, people. There is also the seeming amnesia regarding last weeks homecoming dance. Kara and Leos kiss is (eventually) brought up, but Emmas developments regarding her self-image issues are utterly abandoned. Its literally as if they never happened.

ProCreate Red Band Society

Last are a couple really awful jokes. Both aimed at Leo, one actually lands, but the other is just cruel. Charlies is a sympathetic comment, whats worse than having one leg? Being a third wheel.Then theres Emmas, You couldnt drive anyway.Thats the kind of meanness we expect from Kara during a detox. Since when did Emma become Kara? And since when did Kara become Emma, bonding with people and supporting their endeavors? What is this mess I see before me?


Different music cues, switch Emma and Karas meds back, and bring the Red Band Society together for something!

Episode Score: 6.2


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Cast and Crew

Directed byMargaret Nagle

Written byAnna Fricke

Air Date: October 15th, 2014

Episode Score: 6.2/10

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