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Season 3, Episode 9: “Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow”

byDan Tomasik

The Basic:

Field trip to London! Drinking, karaoke, and tracking down the original Castor to murder!

The Trip:

Just when you think this show has exhausted all its secrets and bombshells, they flatten you with the biggest one yet. There’s no expecting this one, either. One minute you think an ethical dilemma is the heaviest thing at work, then suddenly- BAM. A plot twist the size of Nebraska wallops you.

S., aka Mrs. S., aka Siobhan (Maria Doyle Kennedy), is one of the shadiest characters in this show. Her exact involvement with Project Leda has remained puzzling thus far, defined only by cryptic comments and unexplained insights. There is no doubt she’s sitting on secrets on top of secrets. Every now and then one will get dragged out, but it doesn’t get us (the audience) any closer to truly understanding Siobhan’s place in all this. This is not the episode that reveals all, but it adds a hell of a piece to the puzzle. Fans, whatever theories you’ve had are wrong. It’s great to know Orphan Black can still deliver this level of shock even when it seems there’s nothing left that can catch us off-guard. The real mystery is; what’s waiting in the finale? Could there be something even bigger waiting? Is it physically possible to have something bigger than this waiting? Saturday needs to get here, fast.

ProCreate Orphan Black

Those are the thrills, let’s talk about the chills. Let’s talk about Ferdinand (James Frain). You may remember him as the creep who tried to get physical with Sarah (as Rachel) in the beginning of the season. Wouldn’t you know it, that was only scratching the surface of how unnerving this guy can be. The level-headed “security consultant” following Sarah and Felix to London seems like an entirely different animal from the one we knew in that episode. Something about the Leda sisters seems to bring the scariest monsters within people out into the open.

Which brings us to Delphine (Evelyne Brochu). Fears and concerns that she was being phased out of the show this season seem to have been made in error. Delphine isn’t going anywhere. This new, cold, calculating, ruthless Delphine isn’t just a phase. This is Delphine. She’s transformed into a fascinating character in the last few episodes; impossible to categorize as good or evil. Delphine has created her own side, a far more interesting prospect than just switching back and forth between good or evil. “We do terrible things for the people we love”, and Delphine has proven she is willing to do anything to protect Cosima.

The poor soul currently in Delphine’s crosshairs is Shay. Shady Shay. Shady Shay Davydov, who has secrets. Like an army background. And an official picture of her in uniform. Not things you usually find in a faith healer cinnamon bun person. There’s a story here! What’s amazing is that that story apparently doesn’t involve Castor or Leda. What’s scary is that Delphine may or may not care.

ProCreate Orphan Black

Clone of the Week: Helena

This was actually a better showcase for Orphan Black’s supporting cast, but if a standout has to be chosen from among the clones, it has to be Helena. Helena has adapted wonderfully to suburban life. She cooks, she cleans, she teaches Alison’s children to gouge out people’s eyes, she even helps Donnie with his drug dealer issues. Helena has turned over a new leaf and it seems like everyone couldn’t be happier for her. But a leopard doesn’t change its spots, and a psychotic Ukranian über-religious feral mass murderer doesn’t stop being….that. It can be said she’s made extraordinary progress though. She’s stopped drinking, no longer carves angel wings into her flesh, and has learned to let things be. Unless babies are involved. You do not threaten babies.

Episode Score: 9.2


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Cast and Crew

Directed byVincenzo Natali

Written byRuss Cochrane

Air Date: June 13th, 2015

Episode Score: 9.2/10

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