ProCreate Gotham


Episode 18: "Everyone Has A Copplepot"

byDan Tomasik

The Quick:

Jim Gordon digs into the dark secrets behind GCPDs police commissioner. 

The Past:

Commissioner Loeb has been a part of Batman lore before, albeit never a big part. His corruption and connection to Falcone is established, but his treatment of Batman has mostly been indifferent. The old saying that power corruptsis especially relevant in Gotham, where corruption is a fact of life. It should go without saying that the most powerful are also the most corrupt. 

ProCreate Gotham

The Present:

With these last few episodes Gotham feels like a brand new show. All the roughness has been smoothed out, leaving just the good bits. Once you turn it on, you wont be able to change the channel. This is no longer just a comic book spinoff, but a fully-developed crime thriller. A box of delicious chocolates, without any duds. None of that fruity-filling crap.

This is the last time well see Alfred as an seasoned veteran, and the first time seeing him as an old man. Its not a transition he (or anyone) accepts quickly or easily. The time comes when we have to stop holding on to our youth and embrace the fact that age has crept up on us. Alfred has fought the passage of time tooth and nail, but the time has come to accept seniority. I say this from the safety of my laptop. Its doubtful Alfred will gracefully accept this harsh truth.

The return of Harvey Dent! Much more consistent this time around, lacking sudden outbursts of ferociousness that made it hard to take him seriously. This Harvey is all business, which actually makes him a better partner for Gordon. The olcop & lawyer one-two. They make a good team, but both have definitely benefitted from time apart.

ProCreate Gotham

Fish is sporting a new look, figuratively and literally. Questions are raised about what must be changed/replaced to change a person. Theres great hope that this experience will change Fish for the better. Knocking her off her high horse is the first step. Her situation has two possible resolutions; Fish will either lead the lesser masses to revolution or she will be the last woman standing on top of a pile of bodies. Given Fishs nature, the latter seems more likely than the former.

Then theres Edward Nygmas continuing tale of love & woe. This time, Miss Kringle has caught the eye of a young suitor infinitely more charming than Arnold Flass (an easy task). Hes nice, hes handsome, he even enjoys riddles! Edward should be overjoyed for her! Right? No, because having your affections spurred right in front of you still hurts like hell. Going out with a jerk is one thing, you can write it off as a stupid mistake. But going from that to someone else without even giving Edward a shot, that leaves a wound that cant be healed. Things will get darker before they get brighter.

ProCreate Gotham

The Future:

Gothams final 4 episodes begin April 13th, thats six weeks from now. Six. Given how good Gotham has become as of late, thats just painful. Every episode leaves the adrenaline pumping and the thirst for more darkness and intrigue; how are we supposed to last six weeks without our fix?!

Episode Score: 9.6


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Cast and Crew

Directed byBill Eagles

Written byMegan Mostyn-Brown

Air Date: March 2nd, 2015

Episode Score: 9.6/10

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