ProCreate Agent Carter


Episode 4: “The Blitzkrieg Button”

byDan Tomasik

The Mission:

Howard reappears looking for Peggy’s help, but may have ulterior motives.

Mission Debrief:

The comedy took a back seat to drama this week. The result is no less than the most gripping 45 minutes of the week. It goes to show that Agent Carter is much more than just a spinoff series; good for a few laughs, fun action, a few Marvel references now & then, etc. It’s a spy drama of the highest caliber, so enjoyable many would dismiss it as pure entertainment. It matters not whether one has seen every Marvel film, or even any, to get the full effect of an episode. The themes are universal; loss, betrayal, patriotism, and self-worth. Add in spy gadgets, engaging characters, and the toughest agent to ever wear heels, and you have Agent Carter.

The episode proves that last week’s venture into the darker areas of the time period was no fluke. For all the running about looking for Howard’s gizmos, the real kick comes from a sit-down with Souza and a homeless veteran. To say nothing of the revelation regarding Peggy’s neighbor, Dottie. The worst part about this series is that it always ends after an hour. It’s so easy to become engrossed in the drama and forget that it must obey a time table. This was especially true this week as we, the audience, were left on a cliffhanger steep enough to hang your hat on.

ProCreate Agent Carter

The “Peggy” of it All:

As much as we all love a world of superheroes, the sad truth is that not everyone during the times met those standards. Our veterans, our governments, even our heroes could fall short. There is no better example of this bitter truth than Howard Stark. Thinking back, Tony Stark was not always the ironclad protector worshipped today. For the longest time he was a man who sold weapons without caring much about what was done with them. It’s shocking to see similar behavior coming from Howard Stark, but there it is. Maybe Howard isn’t a traitor, but maybe he isn’t a hero, either.

The “Peggy” of this episode is that people are not always what they appear.

Episode Score: 9.5


Posted by Mohamed on
Thanks for sharing. This was a show I never rlelay watched when it was on (I forget why studying or something?). One does not see a lot of Thanksgiving episodes of sitcoms this one is a gem.Living in a suburban area which nonetheless often has bunches of wild turkeys hanging out on street corners and in parking lots, I can understand the fear
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Cast and Crew

Directed byStephen Cragg

Written byBrant Englestein

Air Date: January 27th, 2015

Episode Score: 9.5/10

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