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Fernando Vazquez (@FernandoV1230)

Fun. If I didn't have to write a concrete review on Rocket League, I would only tell you to download it (while you can for FREE on PSN) because it is an incredibly fun game to play. Did I also mention that it was FREE?

Developed by Psyonix, a 15 year-old independent gaming studio, Rocket League takes a spin on the conventional game of soccer, and adds playable vehicles in place of human characters. Much of the same functions in Rocket League follow suit with the rules of soccer, but in a more colorful and amusing way. 

Before getting into the game itself, Rocket League allows players to select from a number of cars,decor, antennas, tires, and rocketboasters. These items are collected at random after every game you play, which range from cutesy ornaments,to intimidating color schemes. Item gathering can get addicting, charging you to acquire all of the collectables so you can customize your vehicle to the way you see fit in hundreds of possible combinations. 

ProCreate Rocket League

Teams ranging from solo play to four is available, though the function of multiplayer is only accessible online, so any local co-op group will have to unfortunately miss out. Once the game beings, however, a thrash of metal ensures as you spend a large portion of the game (if youre inexperienced) crashing into your teammates and chasing after the ball. Mechanics are simple and very easy to maneuver, so even the most inexperienced player can pick this one up. Its hectic, but thats what Rocket League is and it does a good job at it, too. 

Although the game of soccer is fun all on its own, its a shame to see that the developers couldn't add another game mode such as a race-track or a beat-em-up (or in this case, a smash-em-up). The mechanics for these modes are there, and its unfortunate there wasn't more. Still, this doesn't hinder the game in any way, it just feels like a missed opportunity for potential additional enjoyment. 

ProCreate Rocket League

Despite the fact that the issue has been patched, there was the problem of overheating with some players console, causing their systems to malfunction. Along with that, the first two days of the games release saw many people reporting the inability to find a match with other Leaguers, making the game unplayable. These issues were eventually and quickly fixed, but releasing a broken game at launch is never acceptable and should be recognized regardless. 

Rocket League is a gem in the world of sports game. Its unconventional, erratic and, most importantly, a ballof fun. 

Rocket League gets an A-


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Game Info

Title: Rocket League

Platform: PS4, PC.

Release Date: July 7, 2015

Developer: Psyonix 

Publisher: Psyonix

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