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Fernando Vazquez (@FernandoV1230)

Final Fantasy has been an established series for some decades now with many titles appearing on multiple consoles. However, the first Final Fantasy game to come to the new generation of gaming has arrived in the form of Final Fantasy Type-0, a remastered title of an original PSP game released 5 years ago. The series has been on a decline for quite a view years now, releasing some less than suburb games compared to the earlier titles in the franchise, which has yet to rejuvenate to what it once was. So, does the newly released remastered Final Fantasy Type-0 live up to help revive what has been a descent into the final life of the franchise or does this title go down in history as another failed attempt to bring Final Fantasy to a wider audience?  

Firstly released on the Playstation Portable, Final Fantasy Type-0 returns in an upscaled HD release that is pleasing to the eye when you take that first step in Akadeemeia, the capital of the Dominion of Rubrum. The game follows the infamous Class Zero, a group comprised of fourteen cadets at the Magic Academy, who have been summoned to fight at the front lines against the neighboring region of Milites. Now, this is as simple as it gets; a lot of the story is tied together by mystical lore that can get somewhat confusing if you dont keep track of the many characters and various terminology they throw during conversation pieces. Despite that, the game does a decent job at expanding the world and pushing the story forward after every mission. 

ProCreate Final Fantasy

As with every new Final Fantasygames, new mechanics are introduced to keep the combat fresh and engaging; however, Type-0switchesthings up andfora more real-time, hack-and-slash experience rather than the old-fashioned, simple turn-based style. And it is implemented well, and fits the style of the game. Of the fourteen characters, you choose to take up to three in battle, each with their own special abilities and powers, such as a magically engineered pistol, scythe, or sword, allowing you to use whomever best suits your game style. 

Players are able to take on missions scattered throughout the various towns, though these are sometimes no more than simple fetch quests with minimal awards, there are also Expert Trials that seriously tests your skills in how well you have managed your characters. But since there are more than a handful of characters to micromanage, there are many times where the pacing of the game slows a considerable amount since every single character must participate in combat to earn EXP. And when I say this game is a grid, it is a GRIND. Luckily, the battle system is a joy and doesn't feel like a chore; players can also explore dungeons for loot and treasure, train at the arena, and even hatch their very own Chocobo! 

Combat is a fluid system, but not without its problems. The camera can be aggravating, borderline horrendous at certain instances. The sensitivity is more than what the standard is, which can be fixed in the settings, but it still creates a sort of disordered rotation that blurs everything except for the player, sometimes losing focus on the enemy or where you might be attacking. Although the game has received an HD treatment, it still looks subpar to todays quality of what a next-gen title should look like. The character models for the fourteen protagonists look gorgeous but the other characters missed out on the upgrade with placid facial expressions and poor detail. The same can be said for the various environments and enemies, which can truly remove players from their immersion.  

ProCreate Final Fantasy

Just like many, if not all of the Final Fantasy games, Type-0s soundtrack is phenomenal. From the tense, dire battle music, to the cheery Chocobo melody, there is not a moment where the music blends to perfectly well to the setting. However, not everything is soothing or exciting to listen to; voices belonging to the protagonists are largely a hit or miss, with one voice in particular that is downright unbearable, most of the voice actors do a decent job at bringing the characters to life. 

There are some fantastic qualities to Type-0 that make it thrilling experience to play, so many that it definitely outweighs the bad oneswhich there aren't many. Any RPG fan, and especially Final Fantasy fan, should get their copies as soon as they can.

I give Final Fantasy Type-0 a final score of: B+


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Game Info

Title: Final Fantasy Type-0  

Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One 

Release Date: March 17, 2015

Developer: Square Enix 1st Production Department, HexaDrive 

Publisher: Square Enix

Writers: Hiroki Chiba, Sarah Obake, & Hajime Tabata

Composers: Takeharu Ishimoto

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