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Fernando Vazquez (@FernandoV1230)

Do you suffer from anger control? Are you impatient? Do you enjoy facing obstacles again and again to no avail until you finally give up and pout in a corner? Well if you solemnly checked yesfor each question, then you're probably just as insane as I am when I picked up Bloodborne, not knowing the mental anguish I was going to put myself throughso young and naïve of me. 

Dark and enigmatic, gloomy and vile; the world of Bloodborne is beautiful to look at, but by no means a safe and pleasant one. History of disease and woe fill the streets of Yharnam as you traverse through coffin ridden alleyways, maddened villagers and dangerous creatures that will most certainly put your skills (and patience) to the test. 

Set in a more gothic Victorian setting, Bloodborne throws you into the role of a self-created character with only one task at hand: hunting. Its as straightforward as it gets, really, with little to no exposition directly mentionedthough that certainly does not mean that Bloodborne has no plot. Rather, story elements are told through item descriptions, interactions with other NPCs and even the world of Bloodborne itself hinting at past events of the town. Not many games do storytelling this way, but it works for Bloodborne as it encourages player to learn through collecting and searching throughout the various places for the next piece of the story. Its fresh and exciting to visit the various haunting locals. Chalice Dungeons are also available, providing even more exploration and exciting encounters that get the blood pumping as a side adventure to the main one. 

ProCreate Bloodborne

The haunting melodies that follow you from area to area fit Bloodborne beautifully (in a creepy way.) The scores are masterfully done and placed so well, even in areas that lack any track at all still manage to get me anxious as to whats around the next corner. 

Combat in Bloodborne is fairly reminiscent to the Dark Soul series with certain elements nearly being identical. Each character is able to equip two weapons, carry a certain amount of recovery and assistant items in battle, but these will only get you so far. Bloodborne does NOT hold you by the hand, but instead permits players to fight in their own style, whether it be a defensive or offensive strategy. 

Enemies come in many forms, some more repulsing than others, and many times in small groups which can feel like an army in Bloodborne. Encounters can be difficult without patience but nothing in the game ever feels too overwhelming; however, at times, the games does like to throw in a few cheap deaths, particularly during the boss encounters in which there are many of. Just be prepared to die many, many, many times. 

ProCreate Bloodborne

Implemented into the game to make the hunt easier is a co-op system that allows you and a friend or two to help out. The option is limited only to areas you have not completed, however. Once youve been invited into the world by another player, theres a catch: a potential adversary could invade the world as well, except they are tasked with hunting you and your companions. Its an interesting system, but not one that some players will enjoy if theyre solely looking to make things easier for themselves. Not to mention the serious decrease in frame-rate when more than one player is on screen. 

Bloodborne is vast and easily one of the most creepiest games Ive played in a long while. With an abundant of mysterious and corners to investigate, its easy to get sucked in its world. And strangely, its a joy to be able to try again at the hands of mighty foe youve lost to once before and fight again with the new knowledge youve acquired. There isn't much to say about Bloodborne other than the fact that it is most likely one of better games of 2015 so far. 

Thats why Bloodborne deserves a solid: A+


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Game Info

Title: Bloodborne 

Platform: PS4

Release Date: March 24, 2015 

Developer: From Software

Publisher: SCE Japan Studio

Writers: Ema Kodaka, Ian Milton-Polley, Kengo Watanabe, Lynn Robson, Nozomi Oshima, & Ryan Morris 

Composers: Ryan Amon, Tsukasa Saitoh, Michael Wandmacher, Yuka Kitamura, Cris Velasco, & Nobuyoshi Suzuki

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