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Written by Steven Panzarella(@ProCreateSteve)


 The Short- It may have taken 6 films but Director Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg have finally perfected the X-Men movie. Days of Future Past should be considered a high water mark for the superhero genre as Singer and Kinberg manage to juggle 2 brilliant casts and plenty of storylines and turn it into a violent, funny, and breathtaking ride and never has something so complicated looked that easy. Days of Future Past is the best movie in the X-Men franchise, and one of the best super hero movies to ever hit theaters and never has a more complicated story been done with as much grace. 


In 2000, when the original X-Men film was released I doubt anyone foresaw X-Men Days of Future Past. Following 3 X-Men movies, 2 Wolverine Movies and X-Men First Class Director Bryan Singer and Writer Simon Kinberg found a way to meld all of them together for X-Men Days of Future Past. Following the imminent extinction of the mutant race, Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) along with Magneto (IanMcKellen), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and a small contingent of the mutants that remain alive have one last chance for survival. Kitty Pryde(Ellen Page) is forced to send Wolverine back in time to get the X-Men back together and stop Mystique(Jennifer Lawrence) from murdering Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) and end the deadly sentinel program before it’s too late.

 Nicholas Hoult, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman in X-Men Days of Future Past

Since the original Bryan Singer and a host of other directors have attempted to get the X-Men series perfectly, following the bad X-Men, The Last Stand and X-Men Origins Wolverine we got the joyous return to form in X-Men First Class. The Success of First Class put the wheels in motion for X-Men Days of Future Past, We had initially hoped after the nearly perfect First Class cast was put together that maybe filmmakers could get a movie together that brought both groups into one film. That is the biggest gift Days of Future Past gives us, a show case in casting genius and a filmmaker in Bryan Singer that hits his stride telling a story that others would not have been able to. A complicated web of 2 fairly different worlds forming into one and the fact that he has to juggle a cast of nearly 15 major players, along with finding a good way to tell a complicated story about two worlds colliding. I don't know if these filmmakers imagined a time where Hugh Jackman could share the screen with Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and other wonderful actors and make it seem so simple. You almost wonder if in 2000 when X-Men hit theaters if anyone understood just how great a cast they had put together. Halle Berry has nearly no lines of dialogue but is one of the many Oscar nominees/winners in the cast and that's what makes Days of Future Past so extraordinary. Singer and Kinberg manage to find a way to allow members of both casts to share screen time together and no one does a better job in this film then the performance of James McAvoy who lets loose as the lost Charles Xavier. McAvoy plays the Professor still dealing with the tragedy of losing his friends and his powers thanks to his debilitating injury suffered at the hands of his friend now enemy Magneto at the end of First Class. McAvoy gives the best performance in the film as the Professor, followed closely by another on point performance from Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Stewart and newcomer Evan Roberts as Quicksilver. Roberts steals each of his scenes as the speedy quicksilver, he is also the films biggest surprise considering most criticized his ridiculous look and the poor marketing of the character in posters and commercials. 

 Ian Mckellen, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy in X-Men Days of Future Past poster

Days of Future Past is a perfect representation of what the Super hero genre can be if filmmakers don't spoon feed us crappy dialogue and massive explosions. Days of Future Past is so much more than that, especially thanks to its at times hilarious dialogue intertwined with its most serious plot in the series and near R-rated violence. Some characters are killed off in spectacularly violent fashion and would even be considered violent in the comics.  Singer’s greatest success is finding a way to sweep us through a complicated story that could have been told in 3 films, instead telling it concisely over 2 hours a feat that is rarely accomplished in the world of 2 hour and 45 minute blockbusters. For a summer tent pole Days of Future Past belongs on the short list as one of the better big budget blockbuster films in the last few years. 


It's safe to say Days of Future Past has raised the bar for the future of the franchise, Singer and Kinberg have already began working on 2016's sequel X-Men Apocalypse. The casting rumors have already begun with Channing Tatum looking to join the franchise as Gambit, Tatum squashed rumors that the ink was dried on a big deal that would have introduced Gambit in Apocalypse and then given the actor a standalone Gambit film in the future. Singer DID introduce his big bad guy the titular Apocalypse in a post credits scene reminiscent of the Avengers post credits reveal of Thanos. It is a very brief and a tad bit confusing introduction but just a preview at what is surely to come in the sequel that is scheduled to hit theaters in the summer of 2016. Until Apocalypse hits theaters fans will be able to revel at the glorious return of the X-Men in Days of Future Past, in a year that has been fairly kind to the super hero film fans with Thor The Dark World, Captain America The Winter Soldier as both wound up being fantastic sequels yet neither reached the depths that X-Men Days of Future Past did as it is so far the best blockbuster to hit theaters this year. 




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Cast and Crew

X-Men Days of Future Past


Director by Bryan Singer

Written by Simon Kinberg

Starring-Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Peter Dinklage, Evan Peters, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Omar Sy, Halle Berry, and Bingbing fan.

20th Century Fox

Runtime-2 Hours and 10 minutes

Note- Stay after the full credits for a short bonus scene

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