Vintage Vehicle

by Faruq Oyekan

Vintage Vehicle is a light hearted and refreshing comedy from writer and director Josh Mitchel.  Vintage Vehicle tells the story of a popular action movie star, who while visiting a coffee shop finds out from an attractive girl that his old car is up for sale. After some flirtatious conversation, the movie star decides to purchase the vehicle in an attempt to win the heart of the coffee shop girl.

What happens next is comedy gold, as interactions between the movie star and the salesman devolves into a series of one liners and hilarious gags. What makes this film unique, is its use of hilarious cutaways and cheesy movie star stereotypes.

Vintage Vehicle is full of three dimensional quirky characters that will have amused. The movie star played by Josh Mitchel and the salesman played by Ray Engelhard do a fabulous job. Their chemistry shines on screen and is able to turn funny one-liners into hilarious bits.

Vintage Vehicle, is nicely composed. Rich blue colors and non-distracting shots leave the audience engaged in the story.

For punchlines and an all-around funny short, check out Vintage Vehicle.

ProCreate Vintage Vehicle

INTERVIEW with Josh Mitchell (Director/Writer)

First, who is Josh Mitchell? How did you become a filmmaker?

I am a writer, director, actor, and publicist. I became a filmmaker when I graduated from college and convinced the president of the school to write me out a personal check for my first feature film. I partnered with my best friend from my hometown and we made a quirky film about two guys who drive an ice cream truck during their school vacation in an effort to rebel against Corporate America. I have not stopped creating content since then and you can watch all of my films here -

What inspired this short?

"Vintage Vehicle" ( was inspired by my fascination with celebrity life and my own personal experiences in Hollywood. I liked the idea of a new old car and the classic intention of using it to impress and court a girl.

Any interesting casting stories?

I cast the young and cute actress Alycia Dean as my female co-star because I thought she could bring a sexy and eccentric aspect to the character and she is fairly new to LA so she hasn't been corrupted by the hustle and hype yet. I wrote the other lead part for my frequent character actor Rey Engelhard. I knew it would be right up his alley and we have worked on several projects. I also cast myself because I knew what I like for craft services and I knew I would show up on time on set every day.

ProCreate Vintage Vehicle

Any interesting on set stories?

We shot at an amazing European coffee shop called Twins on The Sunset Strip and let's just say a lot of caffeine was consumed so our energy levels were through the roof.

What is it like film making now after having made this film? Has your approach changed?

My approach has taken on a new and aggressive form in terms of content creation. So many people in Hollywood talk about making movies. I believe you have to shoot whatever you can and make it as good as possible - even if it is a low-budget production. Content is king in Hollywood and I want the crown.

Do you have any projects lined up for the future?

I started shooting my new experimental feature "Frank Flutie" last week and it is going to be one of my most interesting pieces yet. It is about a lexicographer, a dude who writes dictionaries, and he decides to rebel against the idea of making money and write the first ever all sexual dictionary. You can support the film and learn more about the project here -

ProCreate Vintage Vehicle

Any advice to filmmakers?

Write a story, cast it with the best people possible, and don't wait for someone to certify you. Rally all of your resources and friends and shoot something. Anything. You will be surprised by the doors it opens.


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Faruq Oyekan is a San Diego-based screenwriter and filmmaker. Born and raised in California, Faruq dedicates his time to producing and participating in film projects across the region. Faruq's own film work consist of short film narratives that explore realms of fantasy, sci-fi, and the bizarre. To Faruq, short films are just the right length and the prime arena to inspire others with new and innovative narratives.

Cast and Crew

Vintage Vehicle 

Directed by: Josh Mitchell

Cinematography by: Domenico Grasso

Edited by: Chris Kaiser

Sound Design by: Chris Kaiser

StarringJosh Mitchell, Alycia Dean, & Rey Engelhard

Runtime: 7 min

Genre: Comedy


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