Two Persons Max

byFaruq Oyekan

Interested in a short that wows and entertains all within the restraints of a single location? Well, actress and writer Billie Vee has the thing for you! Her new short Two Persons Max delivers an entertaining tale that is both compelling and devilishly twisted. Co-starring actress Jessica-Jane Clement and directed by Tim Kent, Two Persons Max is a fantastic short comedy that will leave audiences shocked and entertained. Two Persons Max is a special short that doesn’t go on too long yet is not too short to have the impactful punch of humor and drama.

Two Persons Max tells the story of Katy (Billie Vee) and Jemma (Jessica Jane Clement) two strangers who mysteriously find themselves trapped in a broken down elevator. With a runtime of 10 minutes, Two Persons Max manages to delve into the world of twisted humor. The character Katy takes the situation to a weird place and humorously begins to manipulate Jemma in what ends up to be an entertaining and unique turn of events. For audiences these turn of events deliver a big payoff once the short reaches its conclusion. For all viewers, Billie Vee showcases her comedic brilliance and her ability to write multi-layered plots that are equally compelling throughout.

Spoilers aside, Two Persons Max is a short that will have audience scratching their heads and rewinding just to catch its twist and turns. Billie Vee does a fabulous job in her creation of the mysterious, yet kooky characters of Jemma and Katy. Her dialogue is sharp, and her plot is even sharper. Two Persons Max’s startling story is one that is rooted in the dark and obsessed. Katy is an incredibly fascinating character that pulls this short film entertainingly through its conclusion.

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"The main advantage when acting in something you've written yourself is that you already know who your character is. The drawback I'd say is that you have to make sure you're only the writer when you write and only the actor when you act. Do not let the one get in the way of the other."

  • Billie Vee

Billie Vee is a force to be reckoned with in the world of female filmmakers, and if Two Persons Max is any sign of her future, then she is a force that will excite, entertain, and amaze audiences. 

Tim Kent does an amazing job directing and is able to create a tone that is light hearted then dark all within the restraints of an elevator. There is never a dull shot in Two Persons Max, its cinematography is magnificent and showcases fabulous use of frame and attention to color.

Available now on YouTube, Two Persons Max is a short that all audiences should check out.

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INTERVIEW with Billie Vee (Writer/Actor)

First, what's your story? How did you become a filmmaker?

My love for acting and that strange, secret joy I always get when telling a story to people led me to filmmaking.

Having worked as an actress mainly in theatre and TV in Greece and in Cyprus, I came to London a few years ago, determined to do the same here ... even if I wasn’t trained in UK. The difficulty and according to many, futility of the whole challenge not only didn’t stop me, but made me want to go further and higher. After appearing in an exciting two-hander play at Pleasance theatre in Islington, I waited for more interesting roles to come up.

Nothing happened. Opportunity never knocked; therefore... I had to build a door.

That’s how Two Persons Max was born and I embarked upon this fascinating journey of becoming a filmmaker.

What inspired this short? 

Sometimes, I happen to be on the tube when one of those quirky, unpredictable, rather disturbed and lonely people enter the carriage to cause havoc. Once, apart from the annoyance and awkwardness I felt, I also thought “what an interesting character to play”... and what would be even more interesting is to place them in one of the most claustrophobic sets, that of a lift. So, I started writing.

I just wanted to create a simple story based on the most common clichés and possibilities people expect to happen and at the same time twist them around in such a way that the result is unpredictable.

Any interesting production stories?

[SPOILER ALERT] When I held the gun for the first time and had to “shoot” Jessica during the final rehearsal before we go for a take, the sound of the gunshot was so real, that she literally screamed and as did everyone else on the set.

ProCreate Two Persons Max

What is it like film making now after having made this film? Has your approach changed?

It has in a way, yes. I now know how difficult is to make a film -any film really- and I have a better understanding of what each department does (or supposed to do).

Do you have any projects lined up for the future?

I'm currently filming my next short film, "Repeat Until" (dir Abbie Lucas) - a story of a man and a woman who can't be together, but struggle to stay apart, so they fall into a repetitive and addictive loop. I'm also in preparation of my feature film, "Sparrow's Call" a twisted psychological erotic thriller. This is a very personal and much anticipating project.

Any advice to filmmakers?

Find a story you really want to say and then you'll find a way to make it to a film.


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Faruq Oyekan is a San Diego-based screenwriter and filmmaker. Born and raised in California, Faruq dedicates his time to producing and participating in film projects across the region. Faruq's own film work consist of short film narratives that explore realms of fantasy, sci-fi, and the bizarre. To Faruq, short films are just the right length and the prime arena to inspire others with new and innovative narratives.

Cast and Crew

Two Persons Max

Directed by: Tim Kent

Written by: Billie Vee

Produced by: Zade AudatDanny Rogers, & Tim Kent

Cinematography by: James Friend

Edited by: Jamie Munn

Music by: Ram Khatabakhsh

Starring: Jessica-Jane Stafford & Billie Vee

Full cast & crew

Genre: Dark Comedy

Runtime: 10 minutes


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